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Tasteless carb supplement for energy and extra calories

  • The powder is fine yes but not the sticky type of carbs supplements
  • Really no taste, slight chalkiness but that’s it
  • I saw weight gain while I was on this

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

ALLMAX Nutrition CARBion+ High Performance Carbohydrate

Editor’s Review

ALLMAX Nutrition is a company producing fitness supplements, known for its advanced engineered formulations of greater potency and efficiency. It is a brand-oriented towards innovation and superior quality. Also, it places an emphasis on safe formulas, with every ingredient and has third-party testing.

The Product

CARBion+ by ALLMAX Nutrition is a High-Performance Carbohydrate formula for greater energy, using 6 types/sources of carbs – with each serving containing 50 g of the mixture. Moreover, it is engineered for quick absorption and it charges your muscles and veins for optimal performance. The dietary supplement is enriched with Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sodium – essential electrolytes needed for gym efforts on a constant basis. CARBion+ loads the muscles quickly with Glycogen, saturating the tissue, thus leading to superior gym workouts and faster recovery. Also, it maintains proper hydration levels through its Ionic Hydration mechanism. In conclusion, it’s a formula that feeds the muscle, hydrates and energizes.


You can purchase online containers of 5 lbs or 2.35 kg, which normally costs SG$123, now discounted to SG$82.

Taste and Mixability

With CARBion+ you can make a carb drink with flavors such as Fruit Punch that has no sugar. The flavoring is an improvement of the former flavoring, using both artificial and natural flavors. The powder is very easy to mix and pleasant to drink. Add a scoop (28 g) to one cup of cold water and shake well. Consume before, during and after training.


The ion-charged carbohydrate complex is superior to similar products since it’s able to shorten the first stages of digestion, rushing from the stomach to the intestine and thus improve the whole digestion and absorption process. You will have more energy for each session, becoming more apt to lengthen workouts like never before. This, in turn, will boost your gains. The carbs go quickly to your small intestine for effective absorption and a lasting effect. There is no sugar and no gluten. Besides, this is a vegan-suitable supplement. Unlike what you might expect, it causes no bloating or other digestive issues.

This carb-based product is excellent for the toughest of workouts. With it, you can ditch the simple carbs that generate a quick blood sugar spike, leaving you drained afterward. This will energize you without such unpleasant spikes and falls. The different molecular weight of each carb type in the formula is what ensures a superior performance. It’s ideal for pre-contest use, when you need to load on carbs for your most intense workouts. As for the hydrating effect, water will be where it’s needed and away from the skin, so that you have the best chance at looking ripped instead of puffy.

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