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Simple and pure glutamine

  • Reduced in soreness noticeable.
  • Micronized as promises, mixes really well with my drink.
  • I felt more recovered using this.
  • This is a supplement you should NOT avoid at all cost.
  • Firstly it’s affordable and if it improves your quality of living, even if it’s at premium price, do invest in it.
  • From less soreness, better muscle development to quicker recovery time.
  • If you want to be less sick and reduce the number of your visit to the doctor each time your immune sick gave way, well this product is suitable for you.
  • I also found no side-effects using this product.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

AST Sports Science GL3 L-Glutamine

Editor’s Review

Glutamine is one of the most essential amino acids. Its rise to prominence has been catalyzed by new research that has further elaborated on its multifaceted role in the human body. For a compound that forms over 60% of the skeletal muscle, the importance of Glutamine is easy to appreciate. Its role in protein synthesis, stimulation of human growth hormone production and prevention of muscle protein breakdown implies that this particular amino acid must be timely supplied to the body.

Glutamine Supplementation

Following an intense workout, the Glutamine levels in the body are exhausted. This leads to a decrease in strength and stamina, as well as recovery. While a diet rich in protein may help with the replenishment of these levels, it takes a while to do so. For the bodybuilder who needs the levels to be restocked quickly for the next workout, a Glutamine supplement becomes invaluable.

A Dietary Supplement

AST Sports Science GL3 L-Glutamine is a pharmaceutical grade dietary supplement that will satisfy all your Glutamine supplementation needs. A daily 10 or 15g of the supplement, depending on intensity, should help with enhancing muscle nitrogen, restoring glycogen levels, and preventing catabolism.

Fast Absorption

Glutamine supplementation has taken a giant step forward thanks to Particle Micronization Technology. It is this same technology that goes into the manufacturing of AST Sports Science GL3 L-Glutamine. With each particle size of GL3 being 20 times smaller than regular Glutamine supplements, absorption is enhanced. This ensures that the Glutamine is supplied to the muscles quickly, and utilized easily.

Not all supplements are made equal. The GL3 supplement is one of the best Glutamine supplement offerings. Taking 1 serving before your workout and 1 serving post-workout will enable you to harness all its benefits. You could take half a serving before bed as well, more so if your workouts are very intense.

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