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Bring your gains to another level with this wrist wrap

  • A different kind of wrist wrap, I’ve never seen such a design before, which is cool
  • The elastic on the wrist secures more than other wrist wraps I’ve tried
  • It looks like a bulky item, but surprisingly my workouts wasn’t affected

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Gorilla Wear Padded Lifting Straps

Editor’s Review

Joint protection is not something reserved only for competitive athletes. These are part of regular gym or sports equipment and should be worn by everyone engaged in such activities and serious about their goals. Not all joint wraps are made equal, though. The materials, the adherence, the stitching and other such details make the difference between a low- and a high-quality product that is worth the money.

The Product

The Aster Wrist Wraps are designed for heavy weight training and are made of highly durable materials. Their structure is simple and intuitive – there is no catch about how to use these, just wrap them tight around the wrists and secure them. Aster made these of a high grade elastic fiber that’s flexible up to a point and stiff enough to handle pressure and maintain its shape. The velcro keeps these wraps secure in place, so you can count on them providing support for the duration of your entire training session. Thanks to their length, you can also use these wraps on your elbows. Added to your daily gym equipment, the wraps will help you develop strength and exercise using more power. They will get you past plateaus and will protect your wrists from injuries.


The Aster Wrist Wraps are available in full red color and priced around $20 and $30. Sometimes these wrist wraps are discounted and it’s worth it to shop around and wait for a cost reduction.


Aster Wrist Wraps are simple, effective and straight to the point. Right from a first look you can tell this is a different kind of material, with a superior strength level. The interwoven fibers create a durable, self-supporting structure that doesn’t get neither loose nor compressed. These wraps are excellent for those who have too mobile or weak joints and equally useful for anyone wishing to train harder without risking injury. They keep your wrists safe and properly aligned during risky movements or when under great pressure from the weights. It’s good to wear them whenever you are training with weights but could also work when you are using fitness equipment.

Certain fitness machines are hard to operate or the resistance is set at a high level. In this case, operating those may require a lot of strength. If you build muscle this way, you still need to think about adequate joint protection.

The verdict

You may use these wrists wraps whether you are male or female, new to lifting or experienced. With their constant use, you will get to improve your personal records and develop muscular mass like never before. Of course, this will still largely depend on the effort you put in it and on how well your body recovers after training.

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