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Not only it turns heads but it’s a functional lifting shoes too

  • I feel such like a badass when I wear this to the gym. I would get several looks which is kinda fun, LOL!
  • I had no issues when doing my gym routine and even some functional movements in it.
  • Small negative feedback however, I find the part where the bottom sole and the shoe material are attached looks kinda ugly. Looks messy and as if it can be ripped off anytime.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Beast Genetics International Train Elite Lifting Shoes

Editor’s Review

Beast Genetics tells that you can tell a lot about an athlete, pro or amateur, just by the shoes they wear. If you’re not yet aware of how it’s possible, it would be time to see what a truly efficient pair for athletes looks like. Beast Genetics has created shoes for individuals engaged in serious lifting and diverse intense training styles. If you’re a frequent gym goer and also taking part in competitions, this review may be what you want to be aware of.

The Product

The Train Elite Lifting Shoes from Beast Genetics are the super-light training shoes of the brand and one of its most popular creations. These feature a high cut, with a beautiful and visible logo patch placed centrally, red lacing and black trimming. These are available only in red on the website, but there are also black and white ones available. Overall, these shoes certainly have the beauty factor. You get two beautiful, bold shades of red mixed in this model – a warm and a cold one. All in all it’s a very modern look for sports shoes, at the same time ensuring a perfect fit and enough versatility to suit a wide range of fitness enthusiasts. Also note that the pair is IPF approved and aimed at high performance. The sizes range from US6 to US13.


With current discounts, the shoes cost $75 AUD and are usually priced at $90 AUD that can be paid through PayPal. The package can be delivered by Beast Genetics in 2 to 4 weeks, but customers may also call and give a specific date, should they be in a hurry to get theirs.


Wear these shoes for powerlifting, as well as bodybuilding, crossfit and Strongman training and competing. Crossfit is particularly challenging, because it refers to so many different approaches and exercises. It calls for speed, strength and endurance, as it needs to develop the whole range of skills. Therefore, crossfit represents the ultimate test for these shoes. The Train Elite Lifting Shoes were proven to be highly reliable here. These could handle the tension and the quick moves too. They are flexible and comfortable to wear. The sewn lines on the surface may worry you, but have no concern. The materials are soft enough.

The sole provides the much needed extra grip that will give you a confidence boost. It’s a model that fitness freaks will love. It’s got eye catching design and color and will help you look like a respectable pro. Besides, there is already enough positive feedback from customers and you may see that on the company’s Facebook page.


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