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Powdered peanut butter that’s low in calories, high in protein.

  • When I received the PB, I was surprised it came in powder form. When viewing the product online I was woah, such a big PB container! Then I realised it was powdered when it came, thus the container size needed to be bigger. I should have read the description more in detail LOL.
  • I don’t really use powder PB in my diet, I prefer it in usual Peanut Butter form, take a spoonful scoop, gulp it down and I’m done. This one I had to add water.
  • I think this is ideal for those who bakes (Which I don’t). It is tasty when you finally mix it, but it’s just too much of a hassle to me. It promise I’ll lose weight, but my body did the opposite, I gained weight. Good bulking stuff, haha.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Bell Plantation PB2 with Premium Chocolate

Editor’s Review

Bell Plantation is a brand known for its desire to take the usual yummy products to the next level, whether through more qualitative ingredients or through an enhanced recipe. It did the same with the so popular peanut butter.

The Product

The all-natural peanut butter with Premium Chocolate flavor from Bell Plantation is one of a kind. It is also known as Chocolate PB2. The product is made of peanuts and cocoa of superior quality. Also, the manufacturing process is a special one. For example, the peanuts are always slowly roasted. To remove the excessive oil, these were pressed after the roasting. The resulting butter has 85% less calories from fat, compared to other brands of peanut butter. There is no trace of cholesterol or saturated fat and is not made of genetically modified crops. This product is suitable to people training hard thanks to its high protein content, but in equal measure to those aiming to lose weight.


PB2 comes in a jar of 16 oz (a bit under 500 grams) for a price of about $10.


Bell Plantation has been praising this intensely – there’s rich taste from the pure cocoa in it as this was titled as the Premium Chocolate flavor. The butter also keeps the taste of roasted peanuts. All is enhanced by the addition of a bit of sugar and salt. PB2 can be mixed with a small amount of water and used as an addition to smoothies, pastry, cakes and various meals.


PB2 from Bell Plantation is appropriate in weight loss diets because it’s got only 45 calories in 2 tablespoons. It’s got a light texture and feels like a soft cream, since it’s so well blended. It is very easy to mix with drinks and protein powders and definitely great for baking. It will enrich many recipes with its chocolate taste. You may even add it to chocolate dishes, because it will add to the flavor. To dispel some of the worries concerning its nutritional value, here are some useful numbers: there are 6 g of total carbs per serving, along with 3 g of sugars and 1 g of fiber. One such serving (of 2 tbsp) provided 45 calories, with only 10 of these being from the fat content. In the same amount you get 4 g of protein, which is helpful when you are working out and looking for snacks to pump out the muscles.

PB2 is not only a tasty addition to snacks, meals and drinks, but is also diet-friendly for many kinds of people out there, whether they are training to gain muscle or hoping to shed some of the extra weight.

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