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Excellent innerwear that helps athlete to be primed for workouts

  • I warmup in these and it’s really comfortable.
  • If it was to fit you, it should not be too tight when you putting it on.
  • Keep the heat in and evaporates my sweat effectively

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Better Bodies Colorado Flex Long Sleeves

Editor’s Review

Perfectly defined muscles call for clothing that shows their contours without compromising style and attitude. Finding pieces that suit is a challenge in itself. Every athlete or body builder that has invested so much of their resources in achieving stunning bodily contours would want to show those in a complimenting, masculine manner. Though it can be tough finding the perfect long sleeve that wraps around every ripped muscle, from wrists up to the shoulders and down to the waistline, but it is not difficult. Better Bodies Colorado Flex Long Sleeves is a fine instance of such outfits that will help you show your masculine body but in style.

The Product

The Colorado Flex Long Sleeves top created by Better Bodies delivers just what one needs: comfort, quality and looks. Besides, there is nothing to compromise; it’s a ‘masculine style enhancer’, so to speak.


Priced around $40, the Colorado Flex Long Sleeves makes for a light investment, especially considering its versatility. There will be more about this under the ‘Features’ title. Besides, it’s branded: it’s got the “Better Bodies” bold print covering the full length of the sleeves.


This tight fitting long sleeve looks very alluring and definitely masculine. It is made of high-performance fabric enriched with Elastane for a perfect fit, also containing 93% Polyamid, as shown by the label.

You can pick one of the following colors, if you can decide which one is better:
– camo print
– grey camo print
– black

The item has been tested by athletes and received praise. It has insulating properties and works well when sweating.


The Better Bodies long sleeve works as training apparel but also as streetwear, thanks to its features. While it’s great for sports, its design and appearance are not exactly what you would call ‘just sporty’. It sure makes it a perfect piece of urban gym wear, but if you go somewhere else you won’t feel ashamed because you’d be having that ‘straight out of the gym’ look. Also bikers like wearing it underneath their regular gear. Its great versatility recommends it. Plus, it can be successfully worn in any season. It’s good for summer, but definitely works in winter too, underneath a jacket or coat. The neutral colors represent an excellent choice. You can pair any of these long sleeves with pretty much anything casual or sporty. Therefore, there should be no fashion-related concerns.

This item comes in S, M, L and XL size. It’s best to be aware of your best fitting size because, even though its got Elastane in it, this garment won’t fit anyone. It’s made to be a perfect match and, if you happen to buy a smaller size, you won’t be able to pull it on.

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