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Enrich your nutritional needs with this whey protein isolate

  • Love the taste! Please take note of the caffeine content if you’re taking Caffe Latte
  • No issues on the mixing, a quick shake and gulp it down
  • I saw noticeable gains while I was on this

Duration length of product testing: 2 months

BioTechUSA Iso Whey Zero

Editor’s Review

Protein is essential if you want to build lean muscle, but you must watch for its quality. It’s best to go for the purest products that deliver what they promise instead of packing fillers and fattening ingredients.

The Product

Iso Whey Zero is a high purity whey protein drink powder made by BioTechUSA. It is part of the brand’s Premium Protein series and contains 21g proteins with BCAAs per serving. This is a supplement based on amino acids, sucralose and, of course, whey protein isolate, with no lactose or gluten, nor aspartame in its formulation. According to the manufacturer, it will enhance your muscle gains and help you develop more muscle mass while melting away more of the stored fat.


The product comes in a generous quantity of 2.27 kg. One such container is priced around $107 and currently, there are no important discounts. On the contrary, there are online vendors who sell it for much more so you have to be careful about this when you want to order.

Taste and Mixability

Iso Whey Zero can taste like many things. One flavor we like is Caffé Latte, a special delicious blend that will break the cycle of common flavors, along with Cookies & Cream, Tiramisu, Apricot-Yoghurt or Gingerbread. The taste is said to be much better than, for example, the criticized vanilla from the same brand. Mix one scoop with water or with milk and drink it fresh.


This is not a new supplement. It’s been on the market since 1999 and you can find out a lot about its effectiveness from others. Firstly, it must be mentioned that it has a focus on purity which means you can get better results with less. It has no fats, so you will only gain lean muscle – if your diet supports that, too. You can buy it on Amazon (but watch out for overpriced items), on its official website or crazybadman.com. The high BCAAs and EAAs content will feed your muscles directly and prompt growth. Make sure to have one full serving, which is of 25 g. With this product, some side effects have been reported, but nothing to worry too much about, similar to many other protein drinks actually, if you happen to be sensitive to this.

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