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One of the tasty protein bar around, and it helps in your gains!

  • Protein delight that tastes great without the guilt
  • I like mine to be microwaved for a few seconds, take it out and it melts in your mouth!
  • I find it handy to bring this when I am overseas. Easy to store, requires little luggage space

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

BioTechUSA Zero Bar

Editor’s Review

BioTechUSA has been on a mission to honour the ‘premium’ label by adding better and better products to its range. ‘Premium’ mostly refers here to the purity of ingredients. Ultimately, the overall quality of its supplements is meant to increase gym performance and lean gains.

The Product

The Zero Bar is a sweet protein snack bar with no less than 20 grams of real protein. This is the amount you can get with the very potent protein drinks on the market so it can be a handy replacement. It blends protein from various sources: whey, egg whites, plus calcium caseinate and hydrolized protein. The bar is high in fibre and low in carbs, with 377 calories per 100 grams (one bar weighing 50 grams). The highlight is that it’s made with native whey isolate – Native Whey is proudly described by the brand as a premium source of protein, coming from the milk of grass-fed, free range cows and thus having no hormones or antibiotics in it. In addition, its processing stands out too, helping retain the protein in a good form, to feed muscles more effectively.


With a tag of about $4.50, it looks definitely pricey, but compared to how much you’d pay for protein powder, it may be a good deal at Crazybadman.com


This protein bar comes in a great range of flavours: chocolate & coconut, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate & caramel, chocolate & marzipan, cappuccino, raspberry cheesecake, lemon & basil and more. Thus, you can actually experiment with many novelties and find your favourites. It’s hard to believe you won’t like any of these Zero Bars by BioTechUSA.


This is a complex product with many ingredients that can easily add an impressive amount of protein to your daily nutrient intake. Such protein bars are usually loaded with sugar to improve the taste, but this one contains exactly 0%. You can have one at anytime during the day but it is most useful to eat one bar after a workout. There are several sweeteners (but no aspartame and no sugar) and natural oils like coconut oil, with few to no added minerals or vitamins. The flavorings are not disclosed, which means there are probably some not exactly natural ingredients there. It may be a ‘premium’ bar through ingredient purity, but not all the ingredients are mentioned, so a final verdict is hard to give. An aspect of concern is the texture and thankfully it can be said that it is nice and crispy.

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