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Cover your nutrients deficiencies with this affordable supplement

  • Doesn’t have that chalky after taste as with other Vitamin D3 supps I’ve tried.
  • Taste was alright
  • Quite effective in results

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Bluebonnet Nutrition Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D3 Chewable Tablets

Editor’s Review

Bluebonnet Nutrition has created its Earth Sweet Chewables series to meet the demands of consumers worldwide. If you’re the type who has a hard time swallowing pills and you just wish to make the supplementing experience more pleasant, you can now have tasty chewable mineral and vitamin products.

The Product

Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D3 by Bluebonnet Nutrition comes in tablets that you can chew and is gluten free. These blend the elements that are vital to healthy bones, musculature and nervous system and which help each other’s absorption. To make these tablets tasty, the manufacturer has used not only natural flavorings, but also an original mix called EarthSweet. This is the first 100% natural sweetener used by the supplements industry, which is made of concentrated fruit juice. It mostly relies on sweetness extracted from berries, cherries, and grapes. The product covers 130% of the Vitamin C required for a day, 100% of your Vitamin D3 needs, 50% and 63% respectively of your Calcium and Magnesium needs.


This essential supplement is priced from SG$19 to SG$24 and comes in a plastic jar with 90 tablets you can chew.

Taste and Directions

The Bluebonnet supplement has orange and vanilla flavor obtained naturally. It is also sweet tasting. For best results, you should chew one tablet a day, with a meal, or as your physician suggests. It is highly recommended that you consult a specialist beforehand and do the relevant blood tests, to signal any deficiency.


The combination of calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D3 is a common one and thus is well known to all consumers. Many brands have their own formulation. How is this one different? First of all, it comes in a different form, as mentioned – easier to take and much more enjoyable, it will probably make you reach for the supplement much more often than you would’ve done it otherwise. Secondly, Bluebonnet’s formulation is sweetened in a unique way, which is completely harmless to your health. It’s truly great to know that the taste comes from fruit juice concentrate, which means more natural goodness for you. It’s a carefully engineered supplement that addresses several consumer issues which have lingered for some time.

The verdict

The minerals in this product are easily absorbed and assimilated. With regular supplementation, you will eventually notice a positive change in your calcium and magnesium levels. This change is measurable. You may thus address deficiencies, including ones that come with age or with hormonal fluctuations. Magnesium is present in its oxide form, which may or may not be effective in your particular case. Some people need to experiment with different forms of magnesium (oxide, citrate, malate etc.), because they are more or less compatible with these.

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