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Refreshing complex carbs supplement to replenish and refuel you

  • Tasty but I prefer my carbs unflavored so I can stack with my other supps
  • If you prefer stand-alone flavored complex carbs, this is for you
  • Maybe it’s me but I had a slight bloat when I was on this post-drink

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Bluebonnet Nutrition Extreme Edge Carbo Load Muscle Replenish Refuel

Editor’s Review

What do the certified supplements for sports really do? Are these truly superior to the usual products anyone can take to boost their gym sessions or is there more to them? We’ve seen Bluebonnet Nutrition stepping into this area of superior, highly specialized supplements for athletes and engineering a supplement you may be able to trust.

The Product

Extreme Edge Carbo Load by Bluebonnet Nutrition represents professional-level workout supplementation; it provides you with muscle fuel, supplying with 38 grams of carbohydrates of complex type per serving. Ideal for workouts that last beyond one hour, the product brings your glucose levels in the optimal range, so you can have the energy you need. Thus, it will enable superior endurance and give you greater amounts of energy during training. The supplement works through its Extreme Glucose Refueling Stack and the GlucoSHOCK Action Stack. It also contains a large amount of Chromium, a nutrient to enhance sports performance. With this blend, your body can easily take its much-needed glucose, sparing what’s stored inside the muscular tissue. Thus, you’re not breaking down muscle for additional energy. It also helps protect your liver.


Order online 2.5 lbs or 1,144 grams for prices ranging between SG$38 and SG$47.

Taste and Mixability

Extreme Edge Carbo Load features the “Tenacious Orange” flavor and tastes best when cold. Mix one level scoop (which contains about 44 grams powder) with 16 fl oz of your favorite sports drink, juice or with plain water. The powder mixes instantly.


With Carbo Load, you can tolerate exercising for longer as it delays fatigue and powers up your body. Bluebonnet Nutrition responds to research claiming that training athletes require drinks that can provide 15-20 grams of carbs per 8 fl oz of liquid. Its product not only provides energy during workouts but also delays fatigue and is certified for sports use. The supplement delivers nutrients rapidly and enhances your performance right when you need it to. It helps maintain your energy balance even during the hardest of exercises, through delivering complex carbs and glucose from sources, like maize, oats and brown rice. These are ingredients that the bodily use almost instantly, breaking them down into glucose. One serving covers 13% of the usual carbohydrate requirements throughout the day; there are 38 grams carbs in each serving. And because these are the complex type of carbs, your body will be using these for energy for a longer while, which means you’ll be getting a constant supply right as needed. Extreme Edge Carbo Load gives you the energy rush required for sustained exercise and leaves your internal stores intact. This also helps later during the recovery stage.

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