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A lightly taste whey protein supplement that’s heavy on the quality

  • Doesn’t have the overpowering flavor as other whey supplements. It’s very light. Makes it perfect to be added to other beverages.
  • Good nutritional profile with strict quality in it’s manufacturing. This is a well made product.
  • If you’re on a cut, this supplement is highly recommended.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Bluebonnet Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate

Editor’s Review

The sports supplement market is crowded with loads of good whey protein drinks, but not all of these have a trustworthy source. Therefore, you may get whey protein that comes from hormone-fed cows, or from ones treated with antibiotics. This is a really important aspect. It is great news when we get to find a brand that pays attention to the quality of the whey source. This is the case with Bluebonnet and athletes are thankful for it.

The Product

Whey Protein Isolate with natural original flavor from Bluebonnet Nutrition is a dietary supplement with 26 g protein, covering the needs of individuals who train their muscles hard. It contains microfiltered whey protein isolate and ingredients that support the immune system. The brand takes pride in its 100% natural ingredients, which have no trace of antibiotics. It uses whey from organic cow milk and the formula is in the gluten free range.


You can buy one large plastic container of 992 g or 2.2 lbs, priced between $46 and $57. This is a quantity that will surely last for some time. Besides, all you need is one serving a day.

Taste and Mixability

The Whey Protein Isolate is a powder that is instantly mixed with the liquid of choice. Simply use a spoon to do that. The taste is based on naturally sweet ingredients, so there was no need of sweetening additives, or sugar. Take one scoop (approximately 30 g) and mix it with a glass of water or juice. It can also be any kind of milk, including vegan ones. Avoid warm or room temperature liquids; cold ones work best.


Bluebonnet Nutrition created this protein powder without the infamous growth hormone for bovines. It is low in cholesterol and sodium and is a natural source of BCAAs or branched chain amino acids. It’s based on a kind of protein that works quickly and is easily absorbed. Bodybuilders can use it after training with great success. They will see results during their recovery stage, as the muscle will get to repair itself in a shorter time.

Whey Protein Isolate can be successfully mixed with other supplements from Bluebonnet, such as the energy or recovery formulas. Its milk related ingredients are the only allergens in this product. There are no other such compounds that may cause an allergic reaction.

You get 125 calories in one serving, but it is not suitable in weight loss diets. Still, it has very small amounts of fat and negligible quantities of other elements. The main focus is obviously the protein – the product is simply loaded with it and that’s great.

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