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Awesome little massage tool

  • I mainly use this tool for my neck and headaches, especially the latter.
  • I occasionally use this for my lower body massage, that one I use my trigger ball still. It’s shaped in such a way, not ideal to roll my body over the tool.
  • Need some adjusting to find the knot, once you found it, oh my, what a relief! Pack nicely in my bag if I need to bring it around, doesn’t takes up much space.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Body Back Company Davinci Tool

Editor’s Review

Self massage tools have become indispensable accessories for athletes as well as for anyone going to the gym, but not only. These are employed to help office workers relax and erase the effects of a full day’s work on the body: stiffness, soreness, pain etc. They are usually easy to carry anywhere, highly resistant and reliable, hence their increasing success on the market. We are going to review a brand new tool of this kind.

The Product

The Davinci Tool is a firm triangular accessory to be used with various poses for self massage or exercising. It can be used on other people, too. The manufacturer describes it as a Firm Trigger Point Occipital Neck Massager, designed to act on specific trigger points where tension tends to gather, making the bones and tendons stiff. This US-manufactured product acts upon the tired muscles and is capable to reach those muscles that are usually not so accessible. It can even deal with chronic pain issues that were not made any easier through regular massage. The tool is portable and lightweight. This massager fights against some of the stress-related ailments that prevent us from fully resting or from being efficient in our daily routine. Physical therapists and not only have recommended it.


The Davinci Tool for self massage is on sale for less than $20. The original price was set at $24.95.


This is a tool of great versatility. It can be placed under the neck, the upper and lower back while lying on the floor, or put under the feet. Also, it can be maneuvered to massage bodily areas. It is easy to carry around when traveling. The product is indeed efficient in relieving muscle stiffness when positioned correctly and can also relieve headaches, because it helps massage the neck and the entire occipital area. The Davinci Tool is good for those who use the computer on a frequent basis and end up having their necks sore and stiff. Thus, it is ideal for many categories of people, not only for the gym goers. As for the convenience, it does score well here too. The product can be used at work or in the car, as needed. It corrects the posture and helps maintain it when used frequently.

Its rather intricate shape makes it a valuable tool in anyone’s routine. The hollow parts are designed to help release accumulated pressure when used on sore points. For best results, the user has to move the tool until it is perfectly positioned. It takes a while to adjust it and find the perfect balance, but once it’s found it becomes a habit. The manufacturing company has also released a soft material version of this product.

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