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Perfect for exercises that can stress the wrists

  • Quality material that’s built to last.
  • Elastic enough for athletes with thicker wrist.
  • The stitching is excellent.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Bodybuildingsg Wrist Wrap 12-inch Light

Editor’s Review

The wrist is an important joint when it comes to bodybuilding. It endures a lot as you pursue your bodybuilding gains, and deserves to be reinforced to ensure that it is spared from injury. A pair of wrist wraps is designed for just that purpose. Bodybuilding.Sg has a solution for this need, and it is everything you hope it will be.

The Product

Bodybuilding.Sg Wrist Wraps are a pair of high quality, 12-inch wrist wraps that are designed to reinforce the work of your wrists. They are made from a cotton and elastic material, weigh 72g out of the package, and have a width of 3-inches, which is more than sufficient. They feature a woven logo of the brand, and have two orange lines that increase their aesthetic appeal.

Once you handle this pair of wrist wraps, you realize just how many of the right boxes it ticks. They are elastic, so they can adapt to the movement of your wrists as you execute different exercise movements. They have a thumb loop which not only secures them in place, but also makes it easy to wear them. Velcro material is used for locking them in place. The use of velcro means they can adapt to the different wrist diameters, and given the strength of the material, they will not move around once locked. Despite how well they serve their purpose, they have a very small footprint, which means packing them away in your gym bag will be very easy.  The quality of the cotton used is also very high. The pair will easily outlast any others that you might have. It is also very easy to clean.

The Need for Wrist Wraps

The wrist is, by its nature, a fragile joint. Like all other rotary joints in the body, it depends on tendons and ligaments mostly instead of muscle. This means that when it is exposed to a weight larger than it has adapted to handling, the outcomes are not good. With a wrist wrap however, the joint is secured. This gives you the confidence to move higher weight and make greater gains.

Summing up

Why should you go for Bodybuilding.Sg wrist wraps and forgo all others. The reasons are plenty, ranging from the use of quality materials to the intuitive design that includes a thumb loop. If for no other reason, you can get them because they simply look good and will last for a good couple of years without any loss in function . They are also very affordable. Retailing for S$20, they are better than what their competition offers. If you buy these together with the lifting strap from the same brand, you get a discount.

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