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If you are caffeine tolerant and wanting to look for that extra edge for your workout, this might be the supplement you just need.

  • Good focus.
  • I had considerable pump.
  • Delightful taste.
  • My body however adapted to the formula after awhile.
  • I found best result if you stack it with DAA.
  • I needed at least 2 scoops to feel the pump.
  • I saw results on my gains when I was on this product and I would like to think 1.M.R helped in my bodybuilding cause.
  • This however has lots of caffeine, so you might not want to take it if you’re looking to sleep.
  • Purchase this supplement if you’re looking for a boost in your gym exploits.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

BPI Sports 1.M.R

Editor’s Review

The search for the ideal preworkout supplement ends with the new 1MR. The breakthrough science that went into formulation of this ultra concentrated pre-workout powder is evidenced by the kind of ingredients used. Packed with concentrated central nervous system stimulants, nitric oxide antagonists and an array of muscle building agents, the 1MR has all the characteristics of an ideal preworkout supplement.

This ultra-concentrated formula is purposed to enable you reach your full potential in the weight room. One serving of the 1MR taken half an hour before training, prepares the muscles for heavy lifting. It works to promote delayed onset muscle soreness for more significant muscle gains. It is an energy-driven preworkout supplement that enhances training performance, focus and promotes strength.

The 1MR has no compare. With the new delightfully tasty flavors, this BPI Sports product strives to give you the most memorable workouts of your life. It mixes easily, and provides an immediate energy boost. Ideally, it should be taken without food, on an empty stomach, for its full effects to be experienced.

One More Rep

There are many characteristics of 1MR that make it compelling. It is a good offering for the price, as other similar products cost much more. It helps build a mental focus that lets you devote to your workout. It gives an energy boost that allows you to go through a more intensive workout. It is more delectable than other preworkout formulas.

Ultimately though, what makes 1MR stand out is that it helps you get that last rep in. This is the rep that brings growth. Pushing beyond the threshold requires a connection between the mind and the body. The 1MR helps bring that connection, and that’s why this ultra concentrated formula is above its class.

One serving of 1MR per training day is the recommended intake.

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