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Great price for a product that helps in your recovery

  • One word to describe the smell and taste, pleasant. BSN playing it safe.
  • You can’t really tell how effective it is in terms of repair and growth but when I’m on this supplement, I’m always seem ‘fresh’ and ready for my next gym session.
  • I seem to have a more intense workout with this supplement

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks


Editor’s Review

The BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine are part of the essential amino acids- those that the body is incapable of manufacturing itself. They form an important part of the diet, more so for the active bodybuilder. These are three of the best muscle building blocks, critical in increasing muscular endurance and reducing your recovery time.

BSN has always been on the fore of providing active athletes with the nutrition they need to bring out their true potential. This ambition has seen the company formulate their best BCAA product yet, dubbed Aminox.

The Product

Designed to support a lasting anabolic state, Aminox is the breakthrough product that BSN reckons will exponentially increase your muscular endurance and make your recovery from intensive sessions dramatically shorter.

Value of BSN Aminox

Offered in containers with 30 and 70 servings, with prices starting at just a little under $19.00, the product is competitively priced. Unlike other products that have timing restrictions, Aminox can be taken at any time or day or night, thanks in part to the absence of caffeine in the formula. If this convenience does not underscore its superiority to other products in its class, its effervescence characteristics surely will.

Taste and Mixability

The product is flavored, with Blue Raspeberry, Fruit Punch and Watermelon being some of the offerings. The taste is good so you won’t have any trouble downing a shake, once constituted. Because this is an effervescent formula, mixability is extremely good. It never clumps, making the use of a blender unnecessary.


The rapid delivery system and the 10g of amino acids you get in every servings makes Aminox very effective. While it would not directly support new muscle growth, it will increase your endurance and make your muscles more resistant to fatigue. Is that not what really encourages new muscle growth?

If you are new to BCAAs and want a product that will initiate you with pleasantly surprising results, Aminox is as ideal a choice as any.

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