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Delivers results but the taste just doesn’t adds up

  • This supplement aided in my cutting hugely.
  • Maintained to keep my muscles while losing bodyfat while cutting, which is pretty excellent.
  • No side effects. My sensitive stomach has no issue with this product. Although the flavor has an odd taste to it.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

BSN Isoburn Metabolic Activating Whey Isolate Blend

Editor’s Review

BSN has been trying to ensure adequate sports nutrition that responds to the needs of athletes training regularly. Known for its BCAA formulations, the brand has come up with a supplement that can trigger positive metabolic reactions. It aims to speed up the metabolism in a way that is beneficial to athletes who try to build up muscle. This is calibrated in such a way that it benefits muscle gains while the fat is being burned away – just what the bodybuilders look for.

The Product

Isoburn from BSN is the Metabolic Activating Whey Isolate Blend that is relatively unknown to the market at this moment. It is, however, worthy of attention. This has 20 g whey protein isolate per serving – not the best you can get, but it’s still a good amount. The notable compounds here are L-Carnitine and Lepticore, meant to build lean muscular fiber. The blend also has green coffee extract, but no caffeine. In addition it contains blue-green algae extract and sunflower powder. Isoburn is an all new formulation that promises to be surprising.


One container of Isoburn has 600 g powder and it costs between $30 and $50, which points to the fact that there can be significant discounts out there, depending on the seller. One scoop weighs 30 g and there are 20 servings per container. You may not find this to be too economical for that matter.

Taste and Mixability

Enjoy the new and delightful various flavors this product comes with, which was obtained by mixing both natural and artificial flavors. To prepare a protein loaded drink, get 4.5 oz of liquid – it could be water, juice or any type of milk, as long as they’re cold. Put one scoop of powder in it and mix. You may tweak the amount of liquid to reach the desired consistency.


BSN’s Isoburn dietary supplement provides important quantities of easily absorbed protein, along with 170 mg sodium, 2 g sugar, 2 g fat and 120 calories per serving. The resulting drink can be used at any hour since it contains no caffeine and won’t interfere with your sleep patterns. Although it contains the famous green coffee extract, the product is not suitable for weight loss but rather for an athlete’s regime. It is, however, helpful in burning fat. At the same time, it will build muscle effectively, when taken regularly and in conjunction with intense training.

In addition, Isoburn has positive effects on the recovery times. Its multiple ways of action, especially on the metabolic rate, makes it one of the most tempting protein formulas on the market. It is expected to show even more efficiency with time.

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