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Multi-blend protein for all your muscle building needs.

  • I’d might say the taste was just awesome.
  • One of the more approved whey in my books that doesn’t give issues to my sensitive bowels.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

BSN Syntha-6

Editor’s Review

BSN is a popular brand in the supplements market, and any product they offer will certainly have its takers. Syntha-6 is, as described by the company, ‘an ultra-premium sustained release protein powder’. If fancy packaging is supposed to win any awards, the Syntha-6 would surely win a nomination, given how elaborate the label design work is.

Containing a blend of six fast and slow digesting proteins, the product also includes two digestive enzymes, aminogen and papains, which are supposed to help with the digestibility of protein powder and forestall any related stomach upsets. While many protein supplements contain fast digesting whey protein or isolate, BSN deviates from this norm by offering a supplement that will steadily release amino acids into your blood to sustain the process of protein synthesis over a longer time.


Syntha-6 is unarguably one of the best tasting supplements in the market. A cursory internet review of this allegation will quickly confirm that most users have found the product to be extremely palatable. Even when water is the chosen solvent, Syntha-6 remains playful on your tastebuds. The assortment of flavors provided is great with each tasting as good as the other.


The Syntha-6 will perhaps require a vigorous shake to achieve complete mixability. Unlike pure whey protein powders, this product contains a richer blend, which compromises on its miscibility. That said, it does dissolve completely after a couple of shakes.


Syntha-6 is more than just another protein shake. Considering that one serving(scoop) will give you 200 calories and 22g of protein, you can easily conclude that this is the protein supplement for those looking to build lean muscle mass. It might not be ideal for those looking to simply maintain their lean physiques, as the supplement will add mass. This is of course assuming your workouts and meal plans remain the same.


Two scoops per day are all you need to harness the full benefits of Syntha-6. This means that one tub will stay with you for a while. You might even say that it gives a good return on investment.

Suffice it to say Syntha-6 is one of the best protein supplements for hard-gainers. You might want to look elsewhere if you are cutting, or not looking to gain any extra muscle. But if the sky is your limit, and want to add more lean muscle to your frame, this supplement will be a great companion for your journey.

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