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A premium mass gainer with stellar results

  • Has a slight chalky taste to it, nothing noticeable
  • No issues with mixability or with my stomach

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

BSN True Mass

Editor’s Review

BSN Sports reckons that True Mass is the ultimate mass gaining formula. In a world of bodybuilders striving to gain as much mass as humanly possible, this is the kind of assertion that attracts a lot of attention. Can True Mass live up to its hype?

The Product

True Mass is a mass gaining supplement that is meant to be used as a post-workout recovery shake, or as a meal replacement. Packing over 46g of protein, 90g of carbohydrates and over 700 calories per serving, it is a balanced composition that will offer you all the nutrient support you need to transform your physique.

The supplement is designed to support muscle growth and recovery as well as muscle protein synthesis. It is this multi-faceted characteristic that makes True Mass stand from the rest. The abundance of calories implies that it is only ideal for those bodybuilders who are serious about their training. This surplus is, after all, meant to stimulate weight gain.


BSN True Mass is not the most affordable mass gainer in the market. With the 5.82lb container with 16 servings costing just under $50, it is an expensive supplement. The dent it puts on your pocket is more than justified though, given how well it works.

Taste and Miscibility

The supplement is available in a variety of flavours ranging from Chocolate Milkshake to Vanilla and Cookies & Cream. While each of these is delicious, mixing it with skim milk is recommended when you want a rich milkshake. 3 scoops in 16oz of beverage should give you good consistency, though you are free to adjust the amount of liquid. It mixes very well without leaving behind any residues.


With its abundance of proteins, carbs and healthy fats, BSN True Mass has all the traits of a mass gainer. This comprehensive blend is sufficient to stimulate new gains in strength and new muscle mass, assuming of course, an intense training routine is followed. And this is only after that first container.

Some users have reported feeling a little bloated after taking the supplement, but these testimonies are few and far between. Every user has however reported gaining weight with the mass gainer, which attests to its effectiveness.

With its dense nutrient support, True Mass is especially great for hardgainers who want to add more to their frames. Anywhere from one to four servings should be enough to satisfy your mass gaining requirements, depending on how intensive your routine is.

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