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Promote energy production with this powerful antioxidant

  • Works well with my stomach.
  • Slight energy bump when I was on this.
  • I find for me personally if I cycle it, 1 week on, 1 week off, the effects a more lasting.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

California Gold Nutrition CoQ10

Editor’s Review

California Gold Nutrition is a well-established supplement brand on the market segment of healthy living. It is best known for supplements including probiotics, peptides and herbal extracts. The company has also elaborated a new co-enzyme Q10 formulation, aimed at a wide range of consumers. The co-enzyme is recognized as a potent antioxidant and general energizer, with very positive effects on the mind and mood.

The Product

CoQ10 by California Gold Nutrition is a dietary supplement providing the Q10 co-enzyme in a more stable form than similar products. This is based on ubiquinol, the better form, which is 4 times stronger than ubiquinone, the one that’s been usually employed in Q10 supplements. We are dealing with a fermented product presented in the form of softgel capsules. The manufacturer used a proprietary fermentation process to obtain a superior concentration and bioavailability.

Q10 is an antioxidant and is also able to provide headache relief, to improve focus and remove brain fog throughout the day. Its effect can last even in the late hours of the evening, without disrupting sleep schedules. Additionally, Q10 can prevent or heal muscle aches.


The product is sold as 30 veggie softgels in one small plastic jar. The price for one such package varies between SG$6.70 and SG$11.

Taste and Directions

The capsules have a neutral taste and don’t become unpleasant once ingested. The standard directions are as follows: take one softgel a day, with food. Anyone may take 100 mg twice day, but for the higher doses it’s always best to ask a qualified physician for directions. Note that the co-enzyme Q10 is insoluble in water, which is why it’s important to have it with food.


The California-made dietary supplement contains Co-Q10 in a very usable form and obtained through a natural process of fermentation. Also, it comes from ingredients that have not been modified genetically (no GMOs), which are non-allergenic; there is no trace of soy or gluten in the product.

Positive effects have been seen with regular use, from a wide spectrum of consumers. Many have reported heightened energy levels throughout the day and quick recovery after physical or mental effort. Q10 fights exhaustion and especially mental tiredness, improving alertness and eliminating unpleasant states of weariness. Given that the co-enzyme is not soluble in water, one should always take it with food. Maximum absorption is guaranteed when taken along with a meal.

Q10 in this form may be useful in many more conditions, but further research and observations are needed here. From the information that is already available, it can even work for diabetics, as it’s been seen to boost their energy levels and combat daytime fatigue.

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