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Putting your stomach at rest and calm

  • The capsules are big to me, LOL
  • Reduces the frequent bloating I experience
  • This supplement works quietly in the background. I find it works best after eating food

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

California Gold Nutrition LactoBif Probiotics 5 Billion CFU

Editor’s Review

If you’re trying various brands of probiotics, you should also give California Gold Nutrition a try. The company has done its best in eliminating the usual issues that come with this type of supplement: the quick degradation or the bacteria being rendered inefficient, to name the biggest troubles.

The Product

California Gold Nutrition has produced LactoBif Probiotics with 5 billion CFU per capsule. This formulation contains 3 different bifidobacteria, 5 lactobacilli, and 8 probiotic strains. Thus, it has a complex probiotic profile and its structure is a result of clinical studies on the effectiveness of these bacteria types. There are bacteria strains that resist low PH conditions and will adhere to the intestines even when there are certain conditions, such as too much acid. It will withstand pancreatic enzymes too. The product is meant to alleviate gastrointestinal problems and improve gut flora, thus boosting digestion, but also overall health and wellbeing.


You can purchase packages with blister foils, each such package counting 60 veggie capsules and being priced around SG$14. You may benefit from discounts if you purchase it along with other products by California Gold Nutrition.

Taste and Directions

This supplement has no taste and it must be taken with water. Have one capsule a day. It does not matter when you take it – it can be on an empty stomach but also during a meal, as digestive juices will not harm the probiotic bacteria.


LactoBif Probiotics has been one of the popular supplements out there, judging based on its many reviews and ratings. These are capsules that are suitable for vegetarians, have no allergens and no harmful additives. Their carefully selected probiotic strains are backed by scientific research and, once you give these the time to work in your intestines, they can alleviate issues, like bloating, poor digestion, diarrhea, gas and many other problems.

To conclude

If you have experienced digested related issues, probiotics can often help in an almost miraculous way. With these specific trains being more resistant, you get a solid benefit and a true chance at improving your gut flora. The best way to achieve consistent results is to take the probiotic regularly for at least a month. Effects begin to show only after a certain amount of time, which may differ from one individual to the next, according to their lifestyle, diet and other factors.

The LactoBif Probiotics are packed in special blisters, to ensure perfect protection from light and moisture. Also, no oxidation can happen and the product stays fresh for long – even when you travel. The supplement is thus well protected and will be 100% effective. You may keep it at room temperature, as it will not affect its stability and potency.

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