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A tasty and odorless Acai supplement you should try

  • It’s the kind of supp you can’t see the effects, you just have to keep faith that it works. Anyway my body doesn’t have an adverse effect when I took this. So I’m good.
  • It adds as a topping when I eat yoghurt.
  • This supp needs proper storage, follow the instruction or it will turn bad. Try not to buy during the summer as the shipping period during the hot months might turn it rancid.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

California Gold Nutrition Organic Acai Powder

Editor’s Review

Dark purple berries are known to be some of the healthiest and most potent foods out there. Dark peel is always an indicator of a rich content of vitamins and many other important phyto-nutrients of therapeutic value. Acai, en exotic berry, belongs to this category, too. It’s also found by its Latin name,
Euterpe oleracea and has been widely consumed by local people in the Amazon area, being known as one of the healthiest choices. Because it’s highly perishable, it may not be easy to locate a trustworthy source that delivers the unaltered goodness of this fruit.

The Product

California Gold Nutrition produced a supplement that is called simply, Organic Acai Powder. It is advertized as an antioxidant with nourishing properties, suitable to all consumers. This makes use of acai berries harvested from Northern Brazil, rich in Omega fatty acids, polyphenols, fiber and even protein. The source is certified organic and the berries are prepared immediately through a freeze-dry process. Moreover, it all comes from sustainable sources.


The prices per container range between $20 and $28. You get about 75 servings per unit, which is a great amount for the price. The weight is of 227 g or 8 oz.

Taste and Mixability

Take one scoop and mix it with one of the following liquids to make one serving. Add it to water (preferably filtered or spring water), but also to yoghurt, smoothies, fruit juice etc. you may add something to sweeten it, if necessary. You may drink this on a daily basis. The powder may not dissolve so well, which is why people prefer to take it with yoghurt, which also enhances the taste.


Acai fruits have been valued for their superior nutritional value. California Gold Nutrition has been interested in revealing the numerous health benefits of this fruit. The Organic Acai Powder is beneficial through its high content of amino acids and essential fatty acids. It also has a nice mineral and vitamin profile so with this product you get it all packed together.

This dietary supplement is made with 100% natural ingredients and through non-harmful technological processes. The product is delivered in a well sealed container, its freshness being ensured perfectly. It may happen that the contents don’t look even and some parts have settled but that is no issue. Just shake and mix them well again. You’d rather trust this certified product than one that tried to impress through its perfect powder appearance.

You only get 20 calories per serving and 1.5 g fat, so this should be of no concern. As for the overall affordability, it surely gets the green light. It’s cheaper than similar powders you will find at health food stores.

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