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High grade Creatine HCL supplement

  • The taste is not to my liking. I recommend you to buy the capsule version.
  • Follow the storage instruction. Mine became harden! I had to throw it out after awhile.
  • I had no bloating with this. My strength seem the same when I was on this.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks


Editor’s Review

Creatine is well known as a helper with muscle gains, but its consumption is limited since it’s causing gastro-intestinal upset. It may give you a hard time, but its effects are not negligible. Now, we even have a version that can penetrate to reach the muscle cells where they are needed for volume, growth and recovery.

The Product

CON-CRET Creatine HCL, made by Pro-Mera Sports, is advertized as a pure creatine hydrochloride. It is a powder supplement with high solubility and absorption and much easier on the gastro-intestinal tract. This is actually the first supplement of its kind to have eliminated the usual side effects of creatine administration. The formula is based on the Micro Dosing technology, which lets the athlete ingest just as much as they need for their total mass. This is determined according to their weight as well as to the intensity of the training. The product won the Best Creatine Supplement award on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Athletes and gym goers should take one scoop per 100 pounds of body weight as the standard recommendation.


A container with 48 servings is priced on amazon between $24 and $26. Consider that in one serving you get 750 mg per scoop. The needed daily quantity, however, will differ from one individual to another.

Taste and Mixability

With pineapple, fruit punch, snake fruit, lemon lime and watermelon as available flavors, anyone can find something to suit their taste. Buyers may also get an unflavored version.

To see its high solubility, simply pour one scoop into a glass of water and watch how it dissolves. Serve one scoop and have it mixed with 4 to 6 ounces of water.


CON-CRET is a formulation of increased purity, suitable to men and women equally. It increases muscle size and, at the same time, it has an effect of decreasing the adipose layer covering the musculature. It doesn’t cause bloating, cramping or any such issues, but successfully powers up gym sessions when taken with 30 to 45 minutes before. Athletes become more enduring and can recover quicker. It doesn’t matter whether it’s taken on a full or empty stomach or if it’s mixed with other supplements, like protein.

You may take CON-CRET before your workouts, to render the muscles more able to face the hard training. If you want to decrease the inflammation and recover quicker, then take this supplement after workouts. Macro Dosing makes it unique. No more loading stage is needed and no off-cycles.

The supplement is manufactured in the USA and so it abides to all the existing rules of safety and quality. You may also opt for the capsule form.

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