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To be able to push harder with this Creatine Matrix

  • The green vomit looking powder can be misleading but it taste excellent. Nothing like vomit! LOL.
  • The mixability is ample.
  • Kinda pricey but for me it works. Strength still maintained while I was losing weight.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Controlled Labs Green Magnitude Creatine Matrix Volumizer

Editor’s Review

Controlled Labs is known in the fitness world for its unique formulas that address the various issues of weight lifters and not only. Its Green Bulge capsules brought fame to the brand, and now is the time for other supplements to shine as well. It could be the case with yet another original formulation with a patented mix.

The Product

Green Magnitude is a dietary supplement marketed as a Creatine Matrix Volumizer by Controlled Labs. It is based on the Green Creatine Matrix, a patented compound made of Dicreatine Malate and Magnesium Creatine Chelate. You get 5 g of it in one serving, plus Betaine Anhydrous, L-Taurine and L-Tyrosine.

This super advanced creatine matrix in powder form could be one the best the market has ever seen. It delivers a new form of creatine, bound with malic acid, and is expected to make its presence felt right during one’s workout.


Green Magnitude can now be ordered online in specialty stores for SG$39 per container, which is a discounted price from a former SG$77. One serving size is represented by one scoop of 10 grams, which means that you have 40 such servings per container.

Taste and Mixability

Green Magnitude flavor id obtained through a blend of natural and artificial flavorings. Directions vary according to one’s tolerance to the new creatine. First, it is important to see how well you tolerate the product. Therefore, it is recommended to mix only half a scoop with maximum 4 oz water. The normal dosage is of one scoop in 10 to 20 oz water, depending on how you prefer the taste concentration. Mix it well.


So far, everyone knew Creatine Monohydrate to be a reliable muscle building supplement. However, the engineering of new forms has always continued and it seems to yield some interesting new products.

Green Magnitude uses a new creatine form that is efficient in any kind of workout, be it cardio or strength training. It acts at a cellular level, where it boosts energy production and utilization. Also, the way oxygen is being used is improved – it is now helping burn more stored fat. Each component has a key role in this process and is either directly or indirectly influencing the metabolism.

The powder can be taken before and after workouts; you can actually split a dose in two. The product is suitable to a high protein diet and you should always remember to drink plenty of liquid when consuming any creatine supplement.

While this formula contains only legal ingredients, it may be harmful when certain conditions exist. Anyone is advised to consult a physician before purchasing it, in order whether they’re fit for it or not.

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