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A supplement with good absorption rate to help your bones

  • The taste is top notch, nothing that makes me gag
  • I felt better when I was on this
  • Abit pricey but still affordable

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Country Life, Vegan D3 Gummies

Editor’s Review

Gummies are a great way to take your vitamins but these are often rejected by vegans since they’re based on animal-sourced gelatin. Finally, you can try a cruelty-free version coming from Country Life. It’s about getting enough high quality Vitamin D3, which has a tremendous role in staying strong and healthy.

The Product

Vegan D3 Gummies 1,000 I. U. is a dietary supplement created by Country Life as a result of the changing requirements of customers and of their need to have a real, clean and reliable Vitamin D3 supply. It is based on Vitamin D3 derived entirely from plants – it is not only vegan, but also a gluten-free supplement, so it’s friendly to anyone. These gummies are loaded with large quantities of Vitamin D3 to boost the health of your bones and teeth. Besides, it enhances the functions of the immune system, helping you fend off disease. Free from preservatives and Magnesium stearate, these are superior quality gummies that will pose no problem. Their D3 content comes from Vitashine lichen, being very easy to absorb and use. The product is certified by AVA and GFCO.ORG.


You get 60 gummies in one jar (a supply for 2 months) and that costs between SG$20-29. There aren’t any important discount at the moment and this appears to be the standard price range.

Taste and Directions

The gummies have diversified flavors: lemon, orange, and strawberry, sweetened with cane juice sugar; you only need to take one gummy per day; there is no point in increasing the dose.


Vegan D3 Gummies 1,000 I. U. is a clean product, with a freshness that you can actually taste. It is excellent for vegans, as well as for the gluten intolerant. The source is reliable – there’s Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol extracted from lichens, in a very good dose per serving, which is sure to cover your daily needs. The other ingredients are also natural and harmless – for example, the coconut oil, vegetable glaze, tapioca syrup, pectin, and natural fruit flavorings. As long as you store it accordingly, you will be enjoying a fresh and efficient product. Overall, obviously, some real care was put into manufacturing this product, as you can see with its special formulation. It is very reassuring to see that it even lacks the usual preservatives and the ever-present Magnesium stearate, along with other fillers. Even the colorings are entirely natural and plant-sourced. D3 supplementation will further help you assimilate calcium at better rates. Note that there is no data yet to confirm whether this product is suitable for children – all available documentation only recommends it to adults.

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