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Keeping you fueled always

  • Add milk or stack with other drinks for more taste.
  • Noticeable gains when I was on this.
  • Didn’t upset my stomach when I’m consuming the shake.

Duration length of product testing: 3 weeks

Cytosport Inc Genuine Muscle Milk Light

Editor’s Review

An intense workout regimen may require you to supplement with a variety of elements and nutrients. You must ensure that you deliver nutrients that can be quickly used for energy, but also ones which sustain your efforts for a long time, well into the stage of muscle repair. CytoSport has been working with sports scientists and with trainers to create just the right supplements for athletes and it succeeded.

The Product

Muscle Milk Light claims to “build athletes from the inside out” and to be the much lighter version of the Genuine Muscle Milk. It is low in calories but rich in protein that builds muscle. It is lactose free with less fat and fewer calories than the original formulation. On the other hand, it is enriched with 20 vitamins and minerals. There’s 50% less fat in it and one serving contains 25g protein, 12g carbohydrates, 6g fiber, and 200 calories. This Muscle Milk also contains starch-based complex carbohydrates and muscle-building protein isolates as well as fatty acids, plus important quantities of zinc, copper, calcium, chromium, and potassium.


You can buy a container of 750g (26.4 oz) of powder at a discounted price of $29. You get 25g of lean protein in each serving (one serving being of 2 scoops) plus an advantageous blend of nutrients, with the overall effect of balancing your diet and helping you manage your weight in optimal ways, to facilitate muscle gains. Three servings per day should be more than enough.


Muscle Milk Light has the same taste as Muscle Milk, the more caloric original version. Actually this has been a frequent request coming from consumers – they kept on asking for the same great product but with less of a caloric count. The well-known taste is based on both natural and artificial flavors. You can mix 1 scoop in a normal glass of water, or 2 scoops in a bigger glass, to make your power drink, and consume it before and/or after workouts. You can also consume it before bedtime if you wish.


The product can be consumed before, during, and after a workout to maximize your lean muscle gains. At the same time it will help you reduce the caloric intake in case your diet generates too much body fat. It is based on ingredients that release the much needed nutrients both quickly and over time. This protein blend makes use of whey with quick nutrient release and micellar caseins from milk, which is slower to digest. It supplies amino-acids continuously, thus enabling you to carry on exercising and building real muscle. In other words, it fuels your exercise, but also your recovery. It should not be used to replace meals though.

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