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Smell masculine fresh but not overpowering

  • Last me pretty long, a few months based on the previous usage
  • I use it like once a day, gets me through my workday
  • If I gym, I’ll dab once more after working out. Fits great in my bag

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Davidoff Cool Water

Editor’s Review

A perfume should be such that it’s fragrance should linger on much later, long after it has been sprayed. The scent should be like signature incense that others can associate you with and whenever they get a waft of the familiar smell, they think of you. The fragrance should be pleasing and stay for long since that is one of the primary aims of a perfume. One such classic example is the Davidoff Cool Water perfume.

The Product

The Davidoff Cool Water is an eau de toilette for men which comes from the well known and renowned Davidoff brand of perfumes that have been much sought after ever since their introduction into the ‘scent scene’ in 1991. The perfume has a fresh, mild, aromatic and pleasing fragrance. As its name suggests one of the key ingredients lending its aroma to the perfume are notes of seawater. Apart from that, the other fragrances that contribute to the invigorating scent include green notes, mint, rosemary lavender, and coriander. Additionally, middle notes of geranium, neroli, jasmine, and sandalwood are present along with base notes of cedar, musk, tobacco, amber, and oakmoss. This eau de toilette is then packed in a sleek, blue colored bottle that has a masculine appeal to it, but at the same time is ergonomically shaped.


The bottle of Davidoff Cool Water EDT (Eau de toilette) for men approximately costs between SGD$16 and SGD$77. The price varies depending on the capacity or the weight of the perfume purchased.

Weight and dimensions

A 4.2 fluid ounce of the perfume bottle has the dimensions of 2 into 6 into 2 inches. The perfume is available in various capacities, ranging from 5ml ‘Splash Miniature’ bottle to 40ml, 75ml, 125ml, 200ml and even a tester pack of 125ml.


The Davidoff Cool Water perfume for men is the perfect fragrance to be worn in the daytime since it has a very aromatic scent which is mild but invigorating. Also, being an EDT the perfume is not very overpowering even though the fragrance lasts for approximately 3 to 4 hours. The signature seawater fragrance aids the perfume in standing apart from a sea of choices. The perfume is ideally recommended to be used in the daytime. Additionally, the fragrance is said to differ depending on factors, such as body chemicals, age, mood, diet, stress level and any medications being consumed.

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