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For the nighttime gains

  • One of the better tasting casein out there
  • Doesn’t clump and float as bad as other supps
  • No stomach issue when I used this

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Dymatize Nutrition Elite Casein

Editor’s Review

Casein is a specific protein that comes from the curds of whey. It has a gel-like consistence and turns to pudding when water is added. It’s a type of protein that is absorbed slowly and thus has long-term effects. Supplementing with casein is an effective way to reach your daily protein intake goals and not only. It is of great help when exercising intensely, preventing muscle breakdown and shortening recovery times.

The Product

Dymatize Nutrition enhances muscular nutrition through its Elite Casein dietary supplement. This features the Zytrix Advanced Digestive Enzyme Matrix, to supply the muscles with amino acids during times of intense training and recovery, for up to 7 hours. This makes it effective during the night time as well. It is based on 100% micellar casein, the premium or most advanced form, which is a protein that breaks down very slowly. Because the numbers are important, here they are 25 g of protein with 5 g BCAAs in every serving of Elite Casein. These are all of the great quality since the processing does not involve exposure to heat.


You can buy a container of 2 lbs or 218 grams for the price of SG$51.78, as seen discounted on iHerb, with the usual retail price being of up to SG$84.

Taste and Mixability

The various flavors make for an intense and delicious taste, where ‘smooth’ refers more to its consistency when mixed. For the sweetness, Dymatize Nutrition used stevia leaf extract. Blend one scoop with 10 to 12 oz of any compatible beverage you like (water, juice, milk, vegan milk etc.) to prepare your casein-rich drink.


While casein does not stimulate the body or the muscles, it delivers extra protein and the calories needed for energy production. Elite Casein prevents your muscles from going into the catabolic state, which is when the tissue breaks down and needs to take time and nutrients to be repaired.

The product is low-fat and has only 1 g of sugar, no gluten and counts 130 calories in one serving. The enzymes help the protein to be digested and absorbed accordingly, without additional stress for the body. The first effect you will notice is that it keeps you full for longer, and is satisfying especially at night when you sleep. As casein is digested very slowly, it can help you during the night hours, as it keeps supplying the body with the protein it needs. It is thus a great addition to your diet if you want to make sure your muscles have protein to use round the clock.

Do not take it at the same time with supplements containing Iron, Zinc or Magnesium, as there can be unwanted effects.

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