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Grass-fed whey supplement of the highest quality

  • Is it just me or grass-fed whey taste like crap
  • The taste is much better than other grass-fed whey I’ve had, but it still taste like meh….
  • I maintained my gains when I was on this supplement

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Eat the Bear Bare Isolate Whey Pure Protein Isolate

Editor’s Review

Eat the Bear may not be one of the best-known supplement brands out there. So far, it’s been focused on whey protein and whey isolate products, with whey being obtained from grass-fed cows. Therefore, you have a brand that starts with the essential – a good primary source, untouched by harmful chemicals or industry practices.

The Product

Bare Isolate by Eat the Bear is a pure protein whey isolate with chocolate taste, which is lactose- and gluten-free. No GMOs were used to obtain this formulation. Also, the total fat is counted at less than 1 gram, making it virtually a fat-free product. The carbohydrate count is at zero while the amount of sodium is negligible. The product is very rich in Calcium, however, with 25% of the daily allowance covered by one serving. Its strength lies in its nutrient makeover: it has a complete profile of essential amino acids and BCAAs, counting 18 of these, from L-Alanine to L-Valine. It’s a supplement made not only for bodybuilders but also for anyone interested in good nutrition and healthy living.


You can purchase this protein powder in containers weighing 2 lbs or 908 grams. The price starts at SG$54 and goes up to SG$65 for the same quantity of product, depending on the vendor and current offer.

Taste and Mixability

The Bare Isolate has a very nice chocolate flavor; to prepare a drink, mix one scoop in a regular glass of water. It could be milk as well.


This newly arrived formula made by Eat the Bear is what can be called pure protein. The ETB Bare Isolate can be consumed right before workouts but also after, when the muscle repair process begins. It is certainly capable to deliver the necessary protein during the recovery stage. It doesn’t matter so much whether you take it before or after, it will still work as it’s supposed to. This is cold-pressed and micro-filtered whey isolate – thus, it is obtained through a technologically advanced technique that preserves the natural goodness. There is no heat to damage the molecules. Each serving has 24 grams of protein, which is what other similar supplements can deliver.

The verdict

The advantage of this formulation is that you barely get any filler. There are only 5 ingredients in it and 100 calories per serving. This is at the same time an affordable supplement, especially if you’re finding it at a discounted price. It is of great help to anyone training with weights and building muscle mass but can also work well in diets – for example for weight loss, when one needs to increase their protein intake while avoiding carbs and fats.

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