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A quality source of complex carbohydrate supplement

  • Props to the packaging. The powder is filled to the brim. I am annoyed by supplement containers that are big but the content is far lesser
  • Mixes well but the cost for 20 servings is kinda premium
  • If you are lacking calories, you’ll need this

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

EFX Sports, Karbolyn Fuel

Editor’s Review

Lifters are usually picky about their carbs – they want energy whenever they need it, but without the dangerous effects of sugars on insulin levels. It can cause a crash or even throw the body out of balance. However, carbs should never be fully avoided, because they provide vital fuel and nutrition. Sports supplement brands engineered products to cater to this need in a way that causes no harm.

The Product

Karbolyn Fuel made by EFX Sports relies on simple and complex carbohydrates, to cover all one’s energy needs. Thus, it acts right away, but the effect lasts longer, thanks to its slower digesting components. This is a gluten-free supplement said to belong to the “new era”, according to its manufacturer. It is mainly because it’s an advanced product that does not alter insulin in negative ways but actually caters to your blood sugar levels, avoiding insulin spikes. The formulation is based on high performing carbohydrates that serve three purposes: first, to give you energy, then to boost your endurance and finally, to improve your recovery. These are carbohydrates from three natural sources: corn, rice, and potato. Their efficiency was proven through clinical trials, revealing that Karbolyn fuel indeed makes the blood glucose eventually decline gradually and not all of a sudden.


The online price varies, from SG$45 to SG$68 for an amount of 35.3 oz or 1 kg. You get only 20 servings per container, so you will have to get another one long before the month is over. Keep an eye on the discounts.


To enjoy Karbolyn Fuel, take one scoop of powder and mix it with 16 oz of water. You may use a shaker to mix it well. Drink it up with half an hour prior to your training time, to allow for proper absorption. It is also to have one serving during exercise, as well as after.


Karbolyn Fuel must not be mistaken for a protein powder, as it has 0% protein. It’s all about carbohydrates – the nutrients that make us crave donuts, bagels, pasta, pizza, ice cream etc. for a good dose of energy. This time we’re talking about naturally-sourced carbs with noticeable effects on one’s stamina, endurance and recovery times. It is excellent for the times when you need a quick boost prior to or during exercise. It will not let you down as you train, since it’s got slow releasing components too – the complex carbs, providing you with energy in a continuous manner, for hours. It is almost impossible to say how well it will work in your particular case, though. Some people have a faster metabolism than others and thus will digest these carbs quicker. Its efficiency also depends on your training style and intensity.

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