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Relieve your back issue with this wedge pillow

  • This pillow gave me some relief when I had lower back issue.
  • A combination of rollers, massage and this pillow will help in your lower back rehab.
  • Small, compact. I recommend buying the longer length pillow. Mine is 27-inches, fits me nicely with room to spare.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Elevating Leg Rest Knee Wedge Pillow

Editor’s Review

There are too many conditions to count now which require people to elevate their legs for improvement. The first that comes to mind is usually the poor blood circulation issue. However, elevated legs also help people suffering from back pain and not only. It’s a truly beneficial position and it would be more efficient if one could maintain it for hours.

This is where the Knee Wedge Pillow or the Elevating Leg Rest comes to help. It supports the knees and legs but is also immensely helpful to the back. It relieves the pressure accumulated during the day or after playing sports or training, at the same time facilitating the blood flow. It may even get one rid of the pain. As the legs rest and the circulation is improved, the lower body renews its energy.

The pillow elevates the knees at an angle of 30 degrees, considered to be ideal. This, combined with the actual elevation, is recommended in treating tired legs day-by-day. This is helpful with some heart conditions too. When you are standing or sitting, your blood goes into your legs and tends to stay there. When the legs are elevated, it can circulate better. Just make sure you have spoken to your physician and that this is recommended to you. Anyway, there can’t be many restrictions when it comes to practicing this kind of relaxation.

The Elevating Leg Rest can be a great aid when treating phlebitis and also varicose veins, spine issues and so on. It can even improve things after spine surgery, as part of the post-operative treatment. It’s a great product for people who went through back surgery and need to recover. Older people can use it, as well as anyone else.

The pillow is very lightweight and feels comfortable even after you’ve used it for a long time. Also, it does not change its shape with time. It is best placed in bed but can be also used in the office or anywhere else where you can take a break and rest. It fits in rather small places, which is welcome. You can even sleep with this pillow under your knees at night and you will not have to re-position it.

The Elevating Leg Rest is priced between $15 and $50, depending on the store and the available discount, but also depending on the size you are willing to buy. Note that it is available in two sizes: 17” x 10” x 7” and 28” x 10” x 7”. The height is always the same so it may not be an exact match if you are of smaller or greater height than the average person.

The manufacturer is well aware of the challenges that come with such equipment. The pillow creators chose not only a good shape and inclination, but also excellent materials, to make it durable and easy to handle. Thus, the wedge pillow is wrapped in a cotton and polyester cover which can be easily removed and washed. All the details were thought out for the user’s convenience.

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