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Citrussy tasting Vitamin supplement that will boost your immune system

  • Looks like candy, taste like candy but citrus after-taste is strong
  • Helped fill in gaps in my micronutrients needs
  • No issues taking this supplement from me

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Emergen-C Immune Plus with Vitamin D Gummies

Editor’s Review

The importance of having a healthy immune system cannot be overstated. Our ability to fight off disease is essential to having a good quality of life. The immune system is truly the sum of its parts, and its strength and efficiency come from ensuring each of these parts is catered to.

The Emergen-C immune Plus is a supplement that caters to one of these parts. In a world where not all diet choices are healthy or balanced, the supplement aims to address some of the deficiencies that you might have that affect how well your immune system works.

The Product

The supplement comes in a small blue-capped white container wrapped in the product label whose bright blue and orange colors make it distinguishable from similar products. The label is highly detailed, so you know exactly what it is you are getting.

The container has 45 gummies in total, and with a recommended intake of 3 gummies per day, it should last you half a month. The product is suitable for vegetarians and is completely caffeine and gluten free.

The gummies have natural flavors so they should be easy to digest. They each contain an assortment of Vitamins including Vitamin C, D, B6, and B12 as well as biotin, zinc, and magnesium. Zinc has been demonstrated to be essential in enzymatic processes and in good reproductive health, while magnesium aids in metabolism and development. Vitamin C is arguably the most important immune system vitamin while Vitamin D supports good bone health.


It’s hard to measure the effectiveness of Emergen-C Immune Plus, but this is not a unique problem. Supplements are not subject to the same regulatory procedures as drugs, so they don’t have hard scientific data to back up their claims. That said, this particular supplement contains all the ingredients needed to support good immune system function. Even in the absence of empirical evidence, it has the makings of a product that works as well as advertised.

You are supposed to take 3 gummies a day, but it is not specified when you should take them. The supplement is not intended to act as medication, so you cannot take it to combat an illness. It, however, makes sense to take it if you are looking for something holistic. Strengthening your immune system to clear an infection is sometimes all you can do with some illnesses such as the common cold.

You can additionally boost your immune system by ensuring that your diet is balanced and that your body is exercised. The benefits of these extend beyond good health so they are well worth the effort. An in those instances where you fall short, you can take your Emergen-C gummy for a boost.

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