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Wonderfully concocted recovery supplement

  • The taste is overpowering to me, it can be a less acidic flavor to it
  • An effective product as it maintains my gains
  • It foams, nothing too troubling. Just gulp it down

Duration length of product testing: 1 week

EVLution Nutrition BCAA 5000

Editor’s Review

EVLution Nutrition’s BCAA 5000 is the response to a lifter’s wish to get more from their regular BCAA supplement. Apart from being pure muscle fuel for any stage during the day, it appears to be just the right supplement for late night use, as it is stimulant-free.

The Product

EVLution Nutrition engineered BCAA 5000 as a concentrated and effective muscle formula. It packs 5000 mg pure BCAAs to build new muscle, boost recovery, endurance and strength. The amino acids in it are L-Valine, L-Leucine, and L-Isoleucine, with L-Leucine in the biggest percentage. The advantage of BCAA’s is that these are absorbed directly by the muscles, feeding the tissue during training as well as the recovery stage. It’s a safe formula free of stimulants, so you can take it at night too.


You get 30 servings per container and a total of approximately 260 g or 9.1 oz. This quantity is priced between SG$26 and SG$50, depending on the vendor. You may secure a more advantageous deal by buying two or more containers at once.

Taste and Mixability

BCAA 5000 comes with a rather unusual flavor – with unusual meaning rare and special/intriguing: White Grape, which gets plenty of praise. There is also an unflavored version if you’d rather have that, although that one isn’t as palatable as you would expect. Serve one scoop (which is under 9 g) mixed in 8 to 10 oz water or even in your sports drink. Have one such drink at least once a day – maximum three times. The best time is 30 to 45 minutes before a workout or right after. The product has an improved powder structure, so it does not float or clump, but generates a bit of foam.


BCAA 5000 is a supplement that shortens recovery times, fights muscle soreness and gives you more power for exercising, making you apt to handle longer, and more intense workouts. If you used to feel drained after your gym sessions and barely managed to kick back in, a boost of BCAAs can do wonders. You will see results only when training regularly though. Without a proper workout program, it is impossible to experience change, as branched-chain amino acids don’t simply work on their own. You can take one serving before sleep, to ensure your muscles are fed during this important recovery time; it won’t interfere with your sleep patterns since it’s got no stimulants. Note that BCAAs supplements must be avoided when dealing with disease or taking medications.

Many athletes who used to purchase BCAAs from other brands are now switching to EVL for this particular formulation. It seems to be a formula made for champions, who are asking more and more of themselves.

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