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Taste as good as a milkshake without the sugar and you get gains

  • My sensitive stomach was alright when I consumed this, no issues
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • One of the best value protein in the market

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

EVLution Nutrition Stacked Protein Drink Mix

Editor’s Review

To find a muscle fuel effective throughout the day and also during the night is every athlete’s dream. If it’s got improved ingredients for superior results, it’s even better. EVLution Nutrition promises these plus more with its ultra filtered protein formula of great purity and with complete absorption.

The Product

EVLution Nutrition created Stacked Protein Drink Mix to provide 25 g of its Complete Protein Complex along with digestive enzymes Aminogen and Lactase. It is a supplement engineered for prolonged protein synthesis, so your body has what it takes for muscle building right after each serving, but also for the following hours. It promotes quicker recovery, prevents muscle breakdown and supports strength and muscle gains. The formula packs protein from egg and dairy sources, delivering 2.6 g Leucine, 5 g Glutamine and 5 g BCAAs in each serving. This is a supplement that can be used at any time of the day, which causes no amino spike and is low in fat content.


Online, you can purchase containers of 2 lb or 888 g of powder. There are 24 servings per container and one such piece is priced between SG$43 and SG$65. You can also find the same powder in larger containers and with other flavors, too (such as Vanilla Ice Cream).

Taste and Mixability

Serve one scoop (37 g) in a glass or cup with water, milk or its substitutes. It will be easy to mix with a spoon. Definitely try out the Chocolate Decadence flavor, obtained with real cocoa but also with artificial ingredients to potentate the taste.


Stacked Protein Drink Mix is a US-manufactured supplement using animal sourced protein and based on a fast and slow release protein matrix. There are five types of protein in it, each with a different release time, so you can have muscle nutrition for as long as needed. This makes your mission easy: instead of taking many supplements at different stages throughout the day, you can rely on a single product to deliver what you need. In order to experience positive effects, you must train regularly. With 140 calories per serving, you get a blend of ingredients for easy digestion and absorption; the 25 g of protein can cover about 50% of the daily requirement for the average person. If your goal is to put on more muscle, then you must push your calorie intake beyond 2000 and boost the protein. Besides important quantities of iron and calcium for bone and muscle support, the product also contains ingredients derived from milk and soy, which makes it inappropriate for certain consumers. For optimal results, consume this drink 30 minutes before a workout, but also right after.

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