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Innovative shaker bottle to fuel your workouts

  • It was really easy to dismantle it and even easier to clean it.
  • I wish the drinking fixture hole is larger. It’s slightly small, I prefer to gulp my supps down faster. But it’s fine, I’m cool with it. Small issue.
  • Overall I love this shaker bottle, trendy looking and very functional.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Fuelshaker Pro

Editor’s Review

On Kickstarter, you can find numerous surprising projects and innovations that could benefit fitness enthusiasts. Some of these are so rewarding and attractive and actually get the needed funding, so they become reality. One such case is that of the FuelshakerPro.

The Product

The FuelshakerPro shaker bottle is an innovative, hybrid type of bottle that can hold liquid as well as supplement powders (such as protein). It can be used to store supplements and can release these as you consider appropriate. The bottle comes with a Fueler, which lets you store dry powder for future use. It’s got a capacity of 600 ml and can be closed hermetically with ease. The push-to-mix technology ensures it’s easy to use. This shaker features two detachable ends and is 100% leak proof. It is made of safe, BPA-free Tritan plastic. You can also buy an additional Fueler, but this is optional. This is rather useful though, as it allows one to switch between a used compartment and a new one containing fresh and dry supplement.


The FuelshakerPro is available in either blue or black. Each of the two models costs $26.99, while the additional Fueler is $4.99 for the standard Fuelshaker and $7.49 for the Pro version we’re reviewing. You may order the items on the Fuelshaker.com official website, which ships internationally.


FuelshakerPro works with any protein powder and mixes it thoroughly. The agitator in the shaker has a turbine shape and nothing is left unmixed. The lids stay put and nothing leaks. The bottle has a reliable mixing system and its loop can be detached when you don’t need it. The body of the shaker opens both ways, so you can clean it easily. You may even put it inside the dishwasher. The central part is made of clear plastic, while the ends are solid color (either blue or black).

The additional Fueler you can add to the package is a good accessory – it will let you have more protein on the go – wherever you may go. Thus you can make sure that you’ll never run out of ‘fuel’. Whenever you will be facing a harder, longer workout, you will be able to sustain your efforts by using a greater quantity of supplements. This means a lot less worries about your possibilities and your level of energy.

FuelshakerPro is convenient to use, as it can go inside most cup holders. It is made to last and can store 50 g of powder for your power shakes. There is nothing to learn about it – you will understand how to use it right as you see it. It is incredibly simple yet effective.

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