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Premium wrist support for heavy lifting

  • Snug and fit comfortable whatever physical size you are.
  • Doesn’t stink-up after prolong use.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

GASP Hardcore Wrist Wraps

Editor’s Review

Compound routines are regarded as the foundation from which a solid, well-rounded physique can be built. Heavy weights are used in performing these exercises for maximum gains in strength and size. With the exception of leg exercises, all others call for the use of the palms to hold the weight. An immense weight can cause discomfort on the wrist. You shouldn’t shy away from the challenge though. You should instead get a pair of GASP Hardcore wrist straps.

Designed to aid the serious bodybuilder move some serious weight, these wrist straps are well constructed to lend as much protection to your wrists as possible. Made from 80% cotton and 20% rubber, GASP hardcore wrist straps are as hardcore as advertised. They feel very strong in hand, and provide a high degree of elasticity.

A velcro closing ensures that you strap them into place. There is a thumb loop provided for fixation, should you want to increase their stability. At 13 inches, the wrist wrap can be used on any set of hands, as the sizing is adjustable.

Perfect Execution

With GASP hardcore wrist straps, you can execute heavy weight lifts with better form, and greater precision. With the stability that they lend to your wrists, you don’t have to feel overpowered when pushing weight of your chest, or lifting them off the ground for a deadlift.

The design is ergonomic, as the straps don’t get into the way when you are using them. The build is nice and strong, guaranteeing that they will stay with you for a long time, before needing replacement. With an affordable price to boot, they are an accessory that every gym rat should own.

User reviews concur with the opinions expressed here. Those with weak wrists will find them transformative, while those looking to lift heavier will appreciate the stability they lend.

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