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Gaspari Nutrition Aminolast Recovery & Endurance BCAA Superfuel

Editor’s Review

Gaspari Nutrition has come up with an innovative product that does more than load your hard trained muscle fibers with amino acids. This one will provide you with more support in dealing with the negative effects of intense training. It is, in fact, a one-of-a-kind supplement that can address several issues at a time and can be relied on day after day.

The Product

Labeled as a BCAA superfuel, Aminolast by Gaspari Nutrition is a stimulant but also a muscle builder. It has a high content of electrolytes and delivers 10 g of amino acids necessary for the muscle building process, plus 1 g of Ammoject. The latter is the result of unique technologies at work and overall the product has a very special role: it is not only meant for recovery and endurance but also can get the body rid of substances that weigh it down and prevent optimal functioning. During workouts, there is a buildup of harmful compounds that cause stress to the body. You can now eliminate these and have your system focus on its healing and growth. In addition, the supplement offers recovery support without carbohydrates.


The price for an Aminolast container (420 g or approximately 15 oz of fine powder) ranges between SG$48 and SG$63. You get a total of 30 servings per container. One serving a day is enough to sustain your daily training regime.

Taste and Mixability

The various flavors make Aminolast one of the best tasting supplements out there. It is both naturally and artificially flavored and contains no sugar. Serve one scoop (14 g) mixed with 8 to 10 fl. oz. of water. In this formulation, one serving is very low in calories, as it contains only 10.


This dietary supplement for gym goers and athletes of many kinds can be taken at almost any time of the day: it doesn’t matter it’s before, during or after your workouts. It will help you out when your body is depleted of electrolytes and be your trusted source of BCAAs. The product contains taurine, which is not only a stimulant but also a powerful antioxidant. Improve the quality of your workouts with Aminolast, as it has a stunning amino acid profile, counting no less than 20 different amino acids, plus the specific Ammoject compound. Along with this you also get an important dose of calcium – essential to your bone and muscle optimal functioning.

The verdict

The product is not suitable for weight loss and cannot replace any meal. Be careful when you take Aminolast – especially if you’re a woman. It can have certain side effects, which is why it’s important to look carefully at its ingredient list and consult with a doctor before you take it.

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