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A effective creative matrix blend for gains

  • It has a very strong flavor, use plenty of fluid to dilute the taste.
  • I usually take 1.5x scoop more during leg day to endure the tough session. Works like a charm.
  • No mixing issue here.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

GAT JetMASS German Creatine System

Editor’s Review

High intensity training calls for a high potency formula to be used during the recovery stage. This is when the muscles are in desperate need of efficient nutrition to repair their structure and acquire more volume. GAT researchers focused on developing a formula that addresses this aspect precisely.

The Product

The JetMASS German Creatine system from GAT surely has a pretentious name. Everyone knows the Germans for their precision engineering. This product is also illustrating this with great success. You have a muscle volumizer with a very quick action, the manufacturer says. The German creatine is a breed of its own – it’s specially engineered for added strength.

The product presents a blend of ingredients with no weak link, these including antioxidant substances as well as compounds that induce tissue growth. It’s packed with extracts of cinnamon, Atlantic kelp, acai, mangosteen and many more. It is truly a complex blend of ingredients that work together to create a unique effect. The supplement can be consumed after workouts but even during training. It’s a formula based on the original Creatine Matrix and the Carnosyne Synthesizer developed by GAT.


JetMASS comes in containers of 820 g powder, with one piece being priced at $35 when discounted and reaching up to a hefty $68 when it’s got the full price. It is surely one of the expensive supplements, but considering that it packs more benefits, it’s like taking more of these at once. Therefore, it could be worth it.

Taste and Mixability

It has a well calibrated and refreshing flavor. One scoop represents one portion and it has to be mixed with water. Make sure it’s as cold as it gets. Water can be replaced with a suitable liquid of your choice.


The highly potent powder has only 50 calories in one serving, no fat and no cholesterol. Each of its ingredients is concentrated and efficient and these together act in 4 parts or stages. You will feel its effect during the recovery times as well.

With a large quantity of Vitamin C, it is energizing but contains no stimulants like caffeine, therefore it is safe. It can be consumed before bedtime with no unwanted effects. You may take JetMASS on an empty stomach; it will not cause any disturbance. The drink should be consumed for 8 weeks on a daily basis to see results. See the muscles get bigger with training and stronger too.

The powder does contain some artificial flavoring and coloring but the amounts are kept to a minimum. In any case, it should be used with precaution if there is any known condition and not without a physician’s approval.

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