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Secure your wrists from the potential danger of injuries during lifting heavy

  • Feels secure but compared to my other heavy duty wrist wraps, it felt much thinner for which I personally prefer the latter. I like it thicker.
  • No issues when I used it for bench press and military press.
  • The wraps are easy to put on and off. No smell after a month. Just unwind it and air it out, is suffice.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Gorilla Wear Wrist Wraps Pro

Editor’s Review

Gorilla Wear has been creating reliable sportswear since 1982. Each item is designed to meet the demands of seasoned gym goers and athletes. Thus, the bar is set high. This is, of course, valid even for products like the wrist wraps.

The Product

The high-quality Gorilla Wear Wrist Wraps Pro were made for serious athletes. These can endure hard training through weight lifting day by day. These wraps were designed to ensure the much desired level of comfort, as well as protection for the wearer. Moreover, these are fully adjustable and so they will suit any wrists – no need to struggle finding the appropriate size. Their length is of 19.7 inches, while the width measures 3.15 inches. As for the color scheme, we have here a combination of black, red and dark gray with the added logo of the brand. The material is yet another aspect of top importance. Gorilla Wear found the right blend of fibers to make sure the fabric is durable and comfortable to wear at all times, for as long as needed: 50% cotton, plus 40% elasthan and 10% polyester – a blend to be relied on indeed.


The Gorilla Wear Wrist Wraps Pro are available in over 60 countries. Their price is usually of about SG$27 plus shipping costs.


These wrists wraps from Gorilla Wear are definitely heavy duty. If you are an everyday gym goer with serious goals on your mind, if you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, you should consider buying high-quality support for your wrists, because these will be under a lot of stress constantly. Adequate support is the key to lifting more. Thus, if you want to be able to go to the next level and lift bigger weights, then you need to make sure your wrists are well protected.

These Gorilla Wear gym accessories are made to last and to offer the support that pro athletes need – not just for the competition days, but for everyday training. Thanks to the cotton in the fabric blend, moisture is easily absorbed and sweat is no longer a problem. Thus, the grip of the wrist wraps is superior at all times. This is why it is so important to choose a brand which uses cotton. The elasthan is responsible for the perfect fit, as well as for the way, the wraps maintain their shape over time.

You will find that many have reviewed these wrist accessories. The main aspect being praised is the level of protection for the joints. The price is also friendly, and is worth paying it. There have been significantly less wrist joint injuries, for people using these wraps well secured into place, which speaks about the quality.

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