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Long lasting weightlifting belt built for performance

  • I bought this belt as it can be rolled and fit nicely into my bag
  • Surprisingly it works well, snugly fit into my waist
  • Belt with holes, either it’s too tight, or too lose, this belt, the fit is just right

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Harbinger, 4-Inch, Nylon, Weight Lifting Belt

Editor’s Review

Heavy lifting can pose certain dangers to your bones, ligaments, and musculature. You don’t have to stop your progress though. Get adequate support for the key areas by wearing the right equipment and have no worries about the increasing weights. This review will show you whether a Harbinger belt would be right for you.

The Product

Harbinger 4” Nylon Weight Lifting Belt designed for weightlifting is a wide belt made to offer support to the abdomen and lower back. This wide strap is flexible enough to let your body move and perform correctly while making sure common strains and injuries are avoided. The core features a nylon web that gives it the much-needed flexibility. To ensure a custom fit, the belt has a heavy gauge tensioning buckle made of steel. Sizes range from S to XL, so you can choose a most suitable one (from 24 inches to a maximum of 42). The belt has good quality nylon stitching all over and a thick appearance that makes it reliable.


The regular sale price is of SG$29. Make sure to shop online for the desired size by checking different stores. On certain websites, it is available only in size S. Look for a larger one if you have to, S is actually pretty small.


The Harbinger 4” Nylon Weight Lifting Belt may not be too attractive or special at first, considering it’s made of nylon and you might be looking for cotton alternatives and such. However, upon inspection and user feedback, it appears to be a good option and definitely a reliable piece. It provides extra support for hard movements and helps you endure heavy lifts better, without risking injury to your spine or muscles. For proper maintenance and pleasure of use, you can wipe it clean by using a damp cloth. It is unlikely to gather much dirt under normal conditions – usually, there is only sweat, but you should not leave that there either. The support strap is indeed wide enough for both comfort and performance and it feels the same at every point, all around the waist. To tension, it, just roll the buckle. This one is flexible enough and, being a roller one, is easily manageable and comfortable. While wearing the belt, you will also notice that it keeps your temperature elevated in the core area, which is good for your muscles, as well as for melting fat in that region. Here is a tip from frequent Harbinger users and weightlifters: it is better to buy a larger one than your normal size, because the more the belt goes around your waist, the better support it provides.

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