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Hardcore lifting strap for the serious lifters

  • The stitching is on-point.
  • Doesn’t dig into your skin unlike other lifting straps when I lift heavy.
  • Still smells good and in good condition after I used it for some time.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps

Editor’s Review

Padded lifting straps happen to be a heavy lifter’s best friends. These are necessary to wear when you are serious about your training, so the weights you lift will somehow feel ‘softer’. How much should you pay for these though? Is it OK to buy a pair from a good brand, is it worth the price?

The Product

The Padded Lifting Strap from Harbinger is made with the special Neotek(Trade Mark) Padding and is already a popular product among athletes and gym goers. It’s got adequate protective cushioning for the wrist and helps redistribute tension and ease the load as you lift weights. This strap features a design that is different from that of the usual models. The heavy duty stitches of the finish ensure the item is 100% reliable and durable.


Harbinger’s Padded cotton Lifting Straps can be ordered online for a little less than $8. For this price you will actually buy one pair of straps (2 pieces). It’s a good quality/price rapport and after all it’s not the high cost you may have expected with a brand like this.


Weight lifting is made easier indeed with a pair of quality straps. This model created by Harbinger is much longer and wider than the usual lifting straps. It lets you have a better grip. Once you break in, these straps are no longer as stiff as when you got them and will have just about enough flexibility. Thanks to the extra width, the strap has a wider contact surface and therefore allows you to have a superior grip. You will feel a lot more confident when using these and this will power up your workouts. No more fear that your wrists will not handle the weights or drop them.

Note that these will work wrapped around your wrists and ankles, but not around the knees. Therefore they don’t have too much extra length. Let’s also have a look at what these are made of, too. Thanks to the good materials put to use and the finish process, these straps will not wear out easily. They will look just like new even after you have used them for a one full year.

If you lift really heavy weights and engage in deadlifts for example, at the end of the day you may notice some traces left by the straps. To make this easier on you, you should ensure that when you make the loop, the strap isn’t tied too close.

For the price above, it is definitely worth buying the Harbinger straps. There are cheaper ones out there indeed, but the quality is no match to these. Besides, the design isn’t at the same level.

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