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  • I’ve a phobia of swallowing pills. Surprisingly despite its big sized pills, they were easy to swallow.
  • I was asthmatic when I was a child. I outgrew my asthma. The label says not for asthmatic person. So I took 1 pill as a test-run. Works fine on me. Don’t be a hero like me! Please consult a doctor before consuming this if you’re asthmatic.
  • My energy levels seems to be higher when I’m on this. Other than that, I see no physical changes.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Healthy Care Royal Jelly 1000

Editor’s Review

Royal Jelly is a secretion produced by honey bees, and it is used in feeding the larvae and adult queens. It is collected from queen cells, and quickly kept in cold storage until it is processed as, unlike honey, it is perishable. The composition of royal jelly is what makes it ideal for the queen bees to stimulate their development and fertility. Among the nutrients present in royal jelly crude protein, amino acids, monosaccharides, fatty acids, trace minerals and vitamins are noteworthy. This profile is what has inspired its use as a dietary supplement.

Royal Jelly 1000 – the product

Healthy Care provides royal jelly in capsulated form. The container has 365 capsules. Each of these is produced from high quality royal jelly extract, and then processed to contain the same carbohydrate and protein concentrations that can be found in fresh royal jelly. While the nutrients contained in the jelly are all compelling, it is the fatty acids that are mostly highlighted. The main fatty acid is 10-HDA which is the main active compound.  Pharmacological studies have indicated that 10-HDA promotes neural stem cell development and has anti-tumor and antibiotic properties.

Ingredients, Indications

The product is manufactured to have the same characteristics as fresh royal jelly. This means that sugar, yeast, gluten, starch and salt are not added during formulation. The recommendation is to take 1-2 capsules a day, or as your primary caregiver advises. The capsules are of an oblong shape and made of soft gelatinous material, making them easy to swallow. They have a likeable taste too.


Healthy Care has not conducted any real world tests to determine the effectiveness of Royal Jelly 1000. Such an undertaking would be impractical for the most part, because of how subjective such an experiment would be. Scientific research at present indicates that there are no actual benefits of taking royal jelly. But those who take royal jelly give a different story. Users report a feeling of well being after taking royal jelly 1000. Some have reported that it helps with acne and in maintaining high energy levels as well as relieving fatigue.


As Royal Jelly 1000 is made from bees, it might cause allergic reactions in those who are predisposed. Those who have other allergies are especially at risk. While anaphylactic reactions are rare, it is advisable to talk to your physician before taking the supplement, if you suspect you might have a reaction.

Royal Jelly 1000 is a great inclusion to your supplements list. Its elaborate composition of B-complex vitamins is one of its key benefits. Since one container will last you 6 months at the very least, it is very economical too.

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