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Improve your state of mind with this CoQ10 supplement

  • The price is very attractive.
  • My oral hygiene improved.
  • I’ve phobia of swallowing pills. Not to fret. This one is easy to swallow.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Healthy Origins CoQ10 Gels

Editor’s Review

The Q10 coenzyme has been intensely marketed in recent years. It seems like one of those precious discoveries, since it’s said to have a multitude of positive effects on human health, energy level and mood. It’s been even added to face creams and body lotions. However, it is its effects on the inside that we should be most interested in.

The Product

CoQ10 is distributed by Healthy Origins and is a dietary supplement based on Coenzyme Q10, also known as Ubiquinone. It provides it in a concentration of 100 mg and is a highly popular product, as you can see by countless online reviews from consumers. CoQ10 is manufactured with very few other ingredients: beeswax, olive oil, glycerin, gelatin and purified water.

The formula is using natural Q10 coenzyme at all times, known as trans-isomer, which is not coming from genetically modified organisms. This is produced by Kaneka Nutrients in Texas and adheres to the highest quality standards. CoQ10 is not engineered but exists naturally in various sources. It is also produced within the human body, but production decreased with time or with certain conditions and medications. The coenzyme is responsible with the energy available in the cell of the body. It is known for its anti-oxidating and rejuvenating effects.


CoQ10 is available now for $11.39 with big online vendors and discounters. Normally, the price is on the steep side – very close to $40.


Serve one softgel a day, this represents one serving. You may take two softgels, if your doctor says it would be beneficial. You will find them easy to swallow. Make sure you take this with a meal, for proper absorption. The taste comes from its natural ingredients and has no artificial flavoring


Q10 has a pivotal role in the mitochondria of every cell, as it supports energy production. The type used here is not only naturally produced, but also concentrated to match pharmaceutical standards. This means high concentration and quality. It is a source of fat because of the olive oil it contains. There are no sugars or starches, gluten or potential allergens.

CoQ10 helps if you take statins because these lower your natural levels of coenzyme Q10. It is beneficial for the teeth and especially for the gums, helping prevent disease. Dentists have observed the positive effects on oral health. It may also have an effect on the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as depression. Generally, it is recommended for improved brain function.

It seems there are Q10 pills with a higher concentration out there, even of 400 and more. However, the source of the active ingredient matters, too. This seems to be a safe bet so it’s better to accept it as it is in terms of concentration than go for such bloated numbers and find it ineffective.

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