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A probiotics that takes care of your digestive health

  • I only use it if I’m bloated. It works for me.
  • The pills are rather large, those who have pill-phobia like might find it difficult to swallow.
  • My digestion was as per normal when I’m on this. Can’t felt the difference.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Healthy Origins Probiotics 30 Billion CFU

Editor’s Review

Healthy Origins is a company well known for its natural and qualitative supplements. Besides helping to improve the ratio of minerals and vitamins in one’s diet, its products are also created to bring other benefits. Some of these even manage to ease symptoms of certain conditions and fight various diseases.

The Product

Probiotics 30 Billion CFU’s dietary supplement was conceived for a well-functioning digestive system and also for enhanced immunity. Made with no GMOs and entirely natural, it relies on 30 billion units of probiotic or “good” bacteria for the gut. These are meant to form colonies inside the gut for proper food digestion and absorption, growing the numbers of those that already exist there.

Probiotics 30 Billion is made in the form of vegan capsules. One such capsule contains a blend of 8 probiotic strains, including Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. There are billions of colony forming units (CFU’s) of each. Other ingredients in the mix are cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. There are no sugars, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, nor allergy-causing substances.


You can buy a container with 7 capsules and take one cap as daily serving. The usual retail price is around $8, but it is possible to purchase this supplement for as little as $2.49, depending on the distributor and the active promotional offers.

Directions: Take one cap while eating a meal or before.


Probiotics represent healthy bacteria naturally present in the gut for a good digestion. The best way for humans to get this is firstly at birth – through the natural birth process and then through breastfeeding. This is how the first important colonies are acquired and they have a vital role in building one’s immune system. As we age, we have less of the good bacteria because of our lifestyle and diet. It is recommended to improve gut flora by eating foods with probiotics or by supplementing.

Probiotics 30 Billion by Healthy Origins aims to supply with a well balanced dose of beneficial live bacteria and restore digestive health. The stomach acid, which is extremely strong, does not destroy the probiotics in this supplement. Thanks to the benefits of FloraFIT technology, top quality is ensured.

The product restores a natural balance and manages to ease symptoms of conditions like the Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBD or ailments caused by taking antibiotics. At the same time, thanks to the immune system boost, it makes the body stronger against infections, colds and allergies. This probiotic supplement, however, should be rather seen as food instead of medication.

Healthy Origins succeeded in delivering a safe, quick acting supplement to fight the effects of stress, antibiotics and GI disease on the gut by supporting the friendly micro flora in the intestine.

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