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A candy-like Vitamin C supplement

  • It’s very addictive eating this supplement. I had to stop myself at the recommended daily dosage. So tasty!
  • It’s the kind of supplement that you can’t physically see the result. You just have to got have faith in it.
  • Chewy, taste great and it’s affordable, buy it.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Healthy Origins Vitamin C Gummies For Adults

Editor’s Review

Vitamin-filled gummies for adults sound like a fun innovation but it is, by all means, a very effective one. This is what Healthy Origins has created in response to an acute need of Vitamin C supplementation.

The Product

Vitamin C Gummies from Healthy Origins delivers the much needed vitamin in a surprising form. These were created to replace the regular Vitamin C tablets, soft gels or capsules. With healthy coconut oil among the ingredients, it represents a highly convenient way to get your daily vitamin C intake. Consume this for improved immunity and for a whole series of other benefits.

There is a very low chance to have any allergic reactions from it, as the product is gluten free and has no traces of milk or soy. It does contain gelatin though, so they are not exactly suitable to vegans. Besides this, it also contains glucose syrup, carnauba wax, Annatto coloring, sodium citrate, dextrose and modified corn starch.


One container is priced under $3 but do not be deceived about small value, as the quantity is small too – 250 mg only and a total of 10 gummies with jelly-like consistency. You will need to purchase several containers to ensure a proper supplementation period. It is necessary to take 2 gummies daily. You may carry one or two of these in your pocket and chew them whenever.


The supplement owes its great taste to a 100% natural flavoring. It’s nice orange taste is due to a well balanced mixture of sour and sweet. As additional info, note that it’s got 20 calories per serving and 3 grams of sugar. The advised method to get your Vitamin C is to simply chew these gummies.


The Vitamin C from Healthy Origins is very easy to take and definitely pleasant for everyone, especially for those who are usually unable to swallow pills. Vitamin C combats eye disease and even skin disease and wrinkles, prevents colds and flu, keeps cardiovascular issues at bay and has an important role in cancer elimination and prevention. It has a vast usage and is easily absorbed by the body. Gummies release it quickly, thus being a rapid way to supplement this vital vitamin.

However, you will have to take this repeatedly in order to enjoy long-lasting results. 1-3 doses may help you on the spot as you are facing an acute issue related to a Vitamin C deficiency. One dose has just 15 mg of sodium, which is only 1% of the daily recommended dose. Also, the carbs are of no concern either, as this contains only 5 g. Overall, we are dealing with a popular and efficient product, judging by the high number of buyers and online reviews posted by these.

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