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Not only you need to supplement your body, but also your mind

  • Oh, my the pills are rather big for me, those with pills phobia will be like Yikes!
  • It’s difficult to quantify its effectiveness but I find myself with less mind fog when I was on this
  • Follow the dosage, more pills does not mean more clarity

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Holistic Way Ginkgo DHA

Editor’s Review

Ginkgo biloba is a tree originating from Asia and known for centuries for its remarkable health properties. The active compounds stored in its leaves make for an excellent ‘brain food’ and not only that. While there are many products on the market based on it, Holistic Way thought about blending its precious extracts with other highly potent herbal compounds, to create an innovative and intriguing formulation.

The Product

New Zealand supplements and nutrition brand Holistic Way mixed Ginkgo biloba extracts with DHA and various other herbal extracts (Gotu Kola, Brahmi) to create a powerful and all-natural supplement for improved memory and blood circulation. One capsule contains 100 mg Ginkgo biloba extract, 50 mg Brahmi extract and 50 mg Gotu kola extract, along with 22 mg DHA. The ingredients were revealed to have a significant role in the brain and cardiovascular health in adults. Thus, the supplement is suitable at any age and can trigger health improvements from different angles.


You may purchase Holistic Way Ginkgo DHA online, in jars containing 60 vegetarian capsules; these cost between SG$44 and SG$55. Ordering more with certain web stores can guarantee big discounts.


Take one capsule twice a day or according to a physician’s recommendations. The formulation is best suited to adults and young adults. Children under 12 are not supposed to take this. Anyone between 12 and 18 years should proceed with caution and have only one capsule per day.


Ginkgo alone will increase the blood flow to the brain, thus relieving many symptoms that usually come with old age, such as dizziness, lack of concentration, memory loss etc. In conjunction with DHA, it ensures superior nutrition to brain cells, as well as to capillaries and heart tissue. DHA stands for dohoxaenoic acid and is an Omega-3 fatty acid. It is known to be a very important part of the brain’s own structure. It also keeps the eyes and heart healthy and in good functioning. Supplementing regularly decreases the risk of heart attack and similar threats. The DHA also boosts the retina function and can prevent malfunction and disease. The Ginkgo DHA formula can be better than taking a fish oil supplement. With the latter, it isn’t always possible to know its source and therefore it could come from heavily polluted waters. Instead of ingesting fish oil with mercury, it’s better to have your essential fatty acids from a plant source. The quickest effects to show with supplementation are superior mind clarity and mental energy. The formula improves one’s ability to focus, to carry out intellectual tasks and learn better. The product is best kept in the refrigerator and can last for up to two years.

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