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Small, indiscreet and full of nifty tech features

  • Sometimes I don’t even realise I am wearing it, until some notification pops up. Very light.
  • I like how it has these reminders and notifications. Really help in my daily chores and stuff to-do.
  • Easy to maintain and clean. Take it out and dab wet cloth. You’re done.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Huawei BO Band

Editor’s Review

Revolutionary watch-like devices have generally been quite disappointing. Surprisingly, it is not the case with Huawei’s new piece.

The Product

The Huawei BO Band is a watch-like gadget available in gold/cream color, white or in black that ensures a perfect fit. It has a minimalistic design, is sleek and very fashionable, as well as dust- and waterproof. Simple as it may look, it can accomplish much. Huawei puts the Cap Sensor, the G-Sensor and Bluetooth function together, a Sports Tracking function useful for the casual and the professional athlete, an integrated microphone and a 70mAh battery. The watch has no buttons – it is operational through a touch screen only. It can set reminders, notifying its owner on what truly matters. You can keep track of your efforts when you are the sporty type. Besides, the BO Band is economical and convenient to use: it is charged in 1.5 hours and has autonomy of 14 days in standby mode.


This stylish multi-functional watch from Huawei is priced at $129. The price may vary, according to the vendor.


The Huawei BO Band is a wearable minimal gadget that can create alarms for various reminders, including calls and messages from your phone and intelligent wake up alerts. This is a handy tool that’s always in your view, made to remind you of what you have to do and keep track of activities.

The BO Band saves time and prevents additional stress, as it doesn’t let you clog your memory but allows you to have a better flow of your activities. It will show you how much you have run and how many calories you burned. Besides, as it’s a perfect fit, you won’t feel troubled wearing it. The case is made of medical grade stainless steel that ensures perfect compatibility with the human skin. The screen can display time in several modes.

The many functions leave little to be desired. Connect the device to your mobile phone so that you can receive all notifications through it – for example, you can be notified of incoming calls. It can even be set to monitor your sleep or connected to earphones. With these on, it only weighs 25 g.

Externally, it simply looks like a minimal and very modern wristwatch, with a small display of 1.06 inches, a resistant rubber band and no buttons at all. Internally, this piece can process a significant amount of data at once. Besides, it charges pretty fast, with a working time of up to 4 days and a much longer stand-by capability.

It is the ideal wearable device for the busy ones, who are also trying to fit in some exercise into their schedule and who can now finally have an easy time doing so.

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