UPDATE: Bio-Gro’s 3 active ingredients (IGF-1, PDGFs, FDFs ) are banned by WADA and USADA. Although Bio-Gro is completely legal, it not a supplement recommended for pro and semi-pro athletes who are drug tested (20 July, 2014). This review was made prior to this knowledge.

Disclaimer: This review made is of my honestly held opinion and am not a statement of fact.

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A small price to pay for better protein utilization

  • Awesome result on my recovery and decreasing my muscle soreness.
  • If you have funds, a must buy. Look at it as an investment for your gains.
  • Could improve on the product design, I always mess up when using it, powder all over the place.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

iSatori Bio-Gro

Editor’s Review

Professional bodybuilders and recreational weight lifters share one common goal- that of stimulating lean muscle growth. The science of it is well understood, but actualizing it is rather difficult. This is why the market is populated with different protein and mass gaining supplements.

Bio-Gro is one of the offerings in the market, but it is advertised as more than the average muscle building supplement. Manufactured under strict standards by iSatori, this supplement is touted as a game-changer with a unique ability to stimulate faster lean muscle development and accelerate the recovery period from intense workouts.

Protein Synthesis Amplifier

Containing a new-product category called Bio-Active Peptides, iSatori Bio-Gro is formulated to be superior to other offerings in its class. This custom-engineered blend of Proline-rich peptides, growth factors, immunoglobins, lactoferrin and fibroblast-GF is designed to intensify the body’s protein synthesizing processes to help you build lean muscle faster, and recover sooner from your most intense weight sessions.

This product is not advertised as a post-workout supplement, but if you derive a conclusion from its description, that is exactly what it sounds like.


iSatori Bio-Gro is available in either an unflavored powder or capsules. The powder is highly mixable, and dissolves completely in liquids such as skim milk, water or a protein/amino acid shake.

It can alternatively be mixed with oatmeal or yoghurt. 2-3 servings should be taken twice daily. Because it is tasteless, it allows you more freedom in deciding how you will take it. As for the capsules, 5-7 should be taken per day, depending on the intensity of your workouts.


From the onset, the constitution of iSatori Bio-Gro gives the impression that this is a supplement that has been deeply thought out. Recommended for anyone who seeks to develop or maintain lean muscle mass, including women, the product works well, according to those who have used it. You should notice shorter recovery times, and some apparent increases in your muscle fullness within a few weeks of using.

Most people find the product rather confusing. With the technical description of its ingredients and their function, understanding what the product is exactly has been a challenge. Nonetheless, those who have used it assert that it helps with muscle growth, opining that it is more or less a protein supplement. However since it lacks any BCAAs, it cannot be used in exactly the same way.

If you are dissatisfied with the length of your recovery periods, you should give iSatori Bio-Gro a try. It might be the recovery formula that your body needs. Otherwise, if you want a protein supplement, you are better off looking elsewhere.

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