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Fulfill your green and anti-oxidant needs with this supplement

  • I’m always feeling hungry, I find this aids in me feeling full.
  • I had a strong tea after-taste after consuming this. It was alright, nothing gagging.
  • Use a blender to really have a good blend. My bowels seems more ‘better’. Yes I do observe my stool, LOL.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Jarrow Formulas Green Defense

Editor’s Review

Jarrow Formulas is a brand known for its range of supplements addressing the nutritional needs of athletes and especially of bodybuilders. The researchers behind these formulations are also focusing on supplements to respond to the average person’s daily needs. Another intriguing formula was issued – the Green Defense, a mixture of highly varied green powders to enhance energy and health.

The Product

Jarrow Formula’s Green Defense (“Super Green Foods with Resveratrol”) powder is a blend of probiotic metabolites, phytonutrients and antioxidants. It is made of algae, grasses and loads of botanical extracts of great potency, most of them being well known for their properties. Green Defense is best described as pure green food rich in chlorophyll, carotenoids, resveratrol and more. Thanks to its many ingredients it is currently gaining popularity on the supplements market.

The powder is marketed as a detox agent and as a promoter of a heightened natural immunity. The detox effect is boosted by the fiber contained. This vegan product is also remarkable through its capacity of increasing the oxygen absorbing process. In addition, it makes good bacteria in the gut thrive, which is important not only for digestion, but also for the immune function.


This precious green food doesn’t come in big containers. You can find it packed as 180 g or 6.35 oz of powder, with prices oscillating between $17 and $26 for the mentioned quantity.


To ingest this, mix one scoop of powder with water or juice (6 oz) and drink when it’s well blended. Unlike similar powders, this isn’t grainy at all and blends really well. It can be easily incorporated to smoothies.


With Green Defense from Jarrow Formulas you can have many green, botanical extracts in one. It is ideal for those who cannot choose between the many, many simple supplements available on the market.

It uses well-known antioxidant sources like grape seeds, green tea and citrus fruits. The probiotics in it balance the microflora and, all in all, the ingredients provide a special kind of nourishment. Taken regularly, the powder makes the body more capable to defend itself by acting on the gut and improving its friendly bacteria. This bacterium also has a very important role in ensuring the system’s immunity.

Last but not least, consuming this can make you feel awake, in spite of lacking caffeine. Note that the formulation contains wheat and soy, so be careful if you happen to be allergic to one of these. Other than this, all the plants in it are friendly and work together for a whole series of benefits. The first effect to be experienced will be that of the fiber content, through the improvement of digestion and bowel movements.

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