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Better supplementĀ absorption for better gains

  • Weirdly I love the taste, never had an orange flavored whey before, you should try it!
  • The price is abit on the premium side but it’s well worth the investment
  • No mixing or consumption issue from me

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

KagedMuscle Re-Kaged Anabolic Protein Fuel

Editor’s Review

KagedMuscle is a brand known for its ability to bring innovation to the world of sports supplements. Its products are created by experts who understand the keys to efficient nutrition for bodybuilders. This supplement is one of its very promising new arrivals.

The Product

Re-Kaged Anabolic Protein Fuel by KagedMuscle is a naturally flavored dietary supplement supplying with high-quality protein and amino acids, micropure and free from any banned substances. The product is ideal when needing to ensure the necessary fuel for intense training, plus the post-workout nutrition for recovery and lean mass. It is a supplement based on conditionally essential amino acids or CAAs (12 grams) and fast acting whey protein isolate. It brings forth the innovative dual-action power & strength matrix, with fermented L-Glutamine for a speedy and effective recovery and a patented creatine form. This stunning new formulation also contains an innovative digestive enzyme blend, with amazing properties.


The powder is available in containers of 2 lbs or almost 1 kg each. There are 20 servings per container. You can order it online for $59, but the usual retail price is close to $100.

Taste and Mixability

Re-Kaged has natural flavors mimicking orange cream and is sweetened with stevia; in addition, it is colored with beetroot extract. Mix one scoop (which has about 46 grams) with 8 to 10 ounces of cold water. Shake well for even distribution. The best way to have this is right after you wake up in the morning (first serving), with a second serving post-workout.


Re-Kaged is an advanced form of anabolic protein to fuel your workouts and your muscle gains. It is meant for the serious and committed bodybuilders who aim for impressive gains. The formula brings together loads of different agents that target muscle tissue. With 160 calories per serving and only 2 grams of fat and 5 grams of carbs, it is a non-fattening product for lean muscle. Moreover, the enzymes in it improve and speed up digestion, as well as the absorption of important nutrients, thus maximizing the impact of this formula.

KagedMuscle goes beyond the usual BCAA formulations and advances a more complex blend based on several different types of amino acids. We thus talk of a complex protein powder aimed at fueling muscles in a clever way. The amino acids work in the favor of post-workout recovery, ensuring there is no deficiency whatsoever. The product contains no soy; there are no soy-derived ingredients, and thus there is no risk of interfering with normal hormone production. The protein in it comes from whey protein isolate, one of the most trusted sources; you get a solid amount of 28 grams in one serving.

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