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Non-slip and comfortable exercise mat

  • I mainly use this when I do yoga in my room. Doesn’t slip.
  • I still need to pad my knees when doing exercises. If not it will hurt. My room floor is made of concrete by the way.
  • The price is the negative factor. I’ve seen other cheaper exercise mat of the same material. Those cheapo China brandless brand kind.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Kettler Yoga Mat

Editor’s Review

Kettler is a brand known for its fitness equipment made in Germany. It has managed to produce a mat that is suitable for every shape and size. Although marketed as a yoga mat, this model is actually versatile and can handle many types of exercises.

The Product

With 61cmx173cm as dimensions and 5-6mm thickness, this so-called Yoga mat that adheres to German quality standards is a slim and reliable piece of fitness equipment. It is a must-have sports accessory and can be used at home, as well as at the gym. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to fitness or you are a well seasoned gym goer. In fact, this is a mat suitable even to professionals. This is ideal for balance exercises, yoga poses and pilates altogether. The Kettler mat stands firmly against the floor, doesn’t slip and features a handle for carrying. This feature makes it ready for transport, The mat is available in two colors: gray and purple


Online stores sell this mat at prices between $20 and $50. Big discounts tend to be quite common.


This is an easy to roll mat for all your mattress exercises. It is able to ensure a high degree of comfort and will help you maintain your balance accordingly during exercises. Its slim appearance (reduced thickness) makes it especially suitable to yoga exercises, which requires you to be very close to the floor. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to feel all the hardness of the floor.

It doesn’t matter what your exercise floor is made of – the mat can adhere very well to it regardless of the surface or material. In addition, the other side on which you sit also has a non-slip surface. This makes it very safe and it’s a good thing that Kettler thought about both sides.

This is a yoga mat that can last you a very long time. It doesn’t tear easily and it manages to keep an even thickness all over even with prolonged use. Since it stays in a good shape for long, it is worth the money. The mat is easy to move around.

Maintenance is easy, too. Simply wash it with water and soap to keep it clean and fresh. This is not the thickest Kettler mat model. If you want more millimeters, have a look at the entire Kettler range. However, this model should be enough for all your gym and home requirements.

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